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The Green Tea


The Green Tea is a weekly show discussing and explaining sustainability ideas and news weekly from a variety of perspectives. This includes its role in environmental, engineering, and economic development and the world's role for a bright future. Join us weekly on this path towards a sustainable developed future where people, planet, and profit thrive!

2 Episodes

  • The Green Tea podcast

    Talkin' Trash


    Zero Waste Kaua'i Project Coordinator and Conservationist Jesse Brown-Clay came on The Green Tea to talk trash. In other words, to discuss the concept of zero waste, recycling, composting, and consumption habits. If you are interested in getting involved with Zero Waste Kaua'i or how to compost, contact Jesse at
  • The Green Tea podcast

    Sustainability Science


    Sustainability Science Lecturer Daniel Erickson came on the first episode of The Green Tea Podcast to discuss food systems, current and future energy practices, his perspective on sustainability, and some common definitions like climate change. Erickson also owns an electric vehicle company, MissionZeroHawaii, in addition to teaching where he can put his business acumen along with his passion for emission-free transportation.
  • The Green Tea podcast

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