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A Framework for Effective Virtual Selling With Neha Ahuja

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During this podcast, Brent and Neha discuss both the tactical and strategic considerations important to ensure virtual selling success among sales reps traditionally used to selling in person. They also explore the distinction between a short-term switch from in-person to virtual selling versus a longer, more strategic evolution toward fewer in-person sales interactions more broadly. 

Run Time: 25 Minutes

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  • The Gartner Sales Podcast podcast

    The Framework for Explosive Growth With Doug Landis


    In this episode, Craig sits down with Doug Landis, growth partner at Silicon Valley venture capital firm Emergence Capital. Craig and Doug discuss the actionable insights from Doug’s experiences that drove impressive growth at Salesforce and Box and across the Emergence Capital portfolio. They discuss Doug’s repeatable framework for hypergrowth and dive into specifics around pipeline generation, sales enablement, tech stack and more.
  • The Gartner Sales Podcast podcast

    Sales Tech Mayhem With Dan Gottlieb


    Brent and Gartner analyst Dan Gottlieb sit down to discuss today’s dynamic sales technology landscape, which can only be described as “mayhem.” Brent and Dan explore reasons for the intense activity and project where things are likely headed next. They also discuss advice for sales leaders considering the acquisition of sales technology in today’s market.
  • The Gartner Sales Podcast podcast

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  • The Gartner Sales Podcast podcast

    Interview with Chris Degnan, Snowflake CRO


    In this episode, Craig sits down with Chris Degnan, Chief Revenue Officer of Snowflake. Craig and Chris will identify the actionable insights from Chris’ experiences (good and bad) that drove Snowflake’s impressive growth and led to the most successful IPO in stock market history. They discuss Degnan’s overall sales strategy and dive into specifics around pipeline generation, sales enablement, sales-marketing alignment, tech stack, and more.Runtime: 50:25
  • The Gartner Sales Podcast podcast

    The Top Five Errors When Buying Sales Technology, With Craig Rosenberg


    Brent Adamson and Craig Rosenberg review each of the top five mistakes sales leadership teams commits when buying and implementing sales technology.  Chief among those errors are a failure to account for the overall seller experience in introducing new technology and overlooking the need for a phased rollout aligned to different sellers’ openness to new tool adoption.  
  • The Gartner Sales Podcast podcast

    The Human Role Within Digital Selling With Alice Walmesley


    In the rapidly evolving world of B2B buying, customers’ increasingly strong preference for a seller-free buying experience means suppliers must dramatically rethink the manner in which their sales reps interact with customers.  At the most progressive companies, sales leaders see this evolution less as a zero-sum game between digital and human interaction and more as an opportunity to integrate the two far more tightly than ever before. In this podcast, Brent and Alice review two companies well down that path and explore the advantages to moving from a “rep-or-digital” posture to a “rep-and-digital” posture. 
  • The Gartner Sales Podcast podcast

    The B2B Sales Leadership Vision for 2021 With Nick Toman


    In this podcast, Nick and Brient discuss the dramatically changing role of sales reps in B2B selling as customers increasingly shift to digital purchase channels.  Within that context, the two introduce a particularly important opportunity for professional sellers to differentiate themselves in today’s buying landscape, given customers’ struggle to reach complex purchase decisions.  They close their conversation with a review of the internal organizational changes necessary to adapt the entire commercial engine (sales, marketing, success, service) to this new buying landscape.  
  • The Gartner Sales Podcast podcast

    A Strategic Roadmap for Accelerating Revenue Growth in 2021, With Craig Riley


    Craig Riley is a senior principal analyst with Gartner for Sales Leaders. As an analyst, Mr. Riley works with sales leaders from large and midsize enterprises to uncover best-practice solutions that address their most critical business challenges. His research has focused on improving sales force productivity, sales operations and inside sales. He frequently advises clients on how organizations can improve their new customer acquisition and prospecting efforts.Run Time 32:32
  • The Gartner Sales Podcast podcast

    3 Strategic Sales Imperatives for the Post-Pandemic Reset With Dave Egloff and Maria Boulden


    During this episode, Brent, Dave, and Maria discuss three imperatives all sales leaders should consider to position their organizations for a rapid recovery in the post-pandemic commercial landscape.  Starting with a discussion on managing competing time horizons, the conversation then turns to enabling virtual selling, redeploying resources, and establishing a unified commercial strategy.  Run Time: 38 minutes.
  • The Gartner Sales Podcast podcast

    Building a Customer-Verified Buying Journey with Steve Rietberg and Tom Cosgrove


    During this podcast, Brent, Steve, and Tom dig into the core design principles of both customer buying journey mapping and “customer verifier” construction.  Discussion ranges broadly across both the implementation and potential use cases of a building a far more customer-centric view of deal status.  Along the way, the trio shares examples, reviews common challenges, and explores practical solutions.  Run Time: 35:21
  • The Gartner Sales Podcast podcast

    Maximizing First-Line Sales Manager Impact With Danielle McKinley


    During this podcast, Brent and Danielle review a number of surprising findings from Gartner’s most recent work on front-line sales managers, including the statistically limited potential of sales coaching to boost sales performance.  In addition, they discuss Gartner’s sales manager performance diagnostic and share best practices from several companies significantly rethinking how they deploy and support sales managers in their own organizations.Run Time 29:17

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