The Foreseeable Now podcast

The Foreseeable Now

Lu Hanessian

In this moment, in these times, how do we orient ourselves? How do we navigate change - the kind we choose and the kind we don’t? And who do we become in the process? What can be revealed - and healed - when we question the stories we tell ourselves about who we think we are? Join award-winning journalist and former network anchor Lu Hanessian as she and special guests explore the living potential of the moment. To better see who and where we are, looking inward, outward, and forward. Captivating conversations with authors and artists, scientists and activists, historians and futurists, trailblazers, storytellers, and change navigators - about the power of big ideas and tiny revolutionary shifts; about the purpose of fear and the anatomy of choice; the paradox of what makes us human; and how to harvest hope in upheaval as we re-imagine our collective maps for making sense of our stories and leveraging the present as living potential. There’s power in this moment: right here between our lived histories and our unlived futures. Right now, between our stuck points and our tipping points for change. Right here, right now, how can we make the foreseeable moreseeable?

14 Episodes