The Firebase Podcast podcast

The Firebase Podcast

The Firebase Podcast

Welcome to the Firebase Podcast. This is the place where we dive deep into Firebase products and learn new tips and tricks along the way. If you want to hear great stories about how Firebase products are made and be a better Firebase developer, make sure to subscribe.

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  • The Firebase Podcast podcast

    React, Suspense, and how it's built into ReactFire


    React and Firebase have been a great pair for such a long time. React has grown through many stages from mixins, to class components, all the way to hooks and Suspense. On this episode David East and Jeff Huleatt, the maintainer of ReactFire, discuss the history of Firebase and React. They also get into how Suspense works and what Firebase does to take advantage of it. Resources: Reach out to David on Twitter →   Reach out to Jeff on Twitter →   ReactFire →   Michael Jackson - Never Write Another HoC →   Build Modern React apps with Hooks, Suspense, Context, and Firebase → Subscribe to Firebase →
  • The Firebase Podcast podcast

    7 Security Rules features you should know


    In this episode David East takes you through 7 different Security Rules features that help you write powerful rules and make life it a bit easier while debugging. Chapters: [1:35] - 1. You can read data from anywhere in the database [4:08] - 2. You can use request and resource variables to write expressions [8:03] - 3. You can do print debugging [10:01] - 4. Monitor requests with the Emulator UI [11:27] - 5. You can validate schema with helper functions [13:48] - 6. You can compare dates or durations [15:42] - 7. You can do math Resources: Reach out to David on Twitter →  Role based systems →  Unit testing security rules with the Firebase Emulator Suite →  Intermediate topics in Firebase Security Rules →  Security Rules functions →  Request variable →  Debug →  Duration →  Math →  Subscribe to Firebase →
  • The Firebase Podcast podcast

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  • The Firebase Podcast podcast

    The state of Firebase and Flutter


    Today's episode of The Firebase Podcast is about the state of Flutter for Firebase. David East is joined by Flutter and Firebase experts to discuss Flutter Fire, and more!  Subscribe to Firebase →
  • The Firebase Podcast podcast

    15 minutes to learn Security Rules


    Do you want to write better and secure apps? Do really want to understand how Security Rules work? Then tune into today's episode. David East will take you through the 101 of Security Rules and get you up to speed so you feel confident when writing your own. This is part one of a multi-part series all about Security and Firebase. Reach out to David on Twitter →  Match blocks and the allow statement → 
  • The Firebase Podcast podcast

    The state of Firebase for the Web


    We released a some exciting new features for the web at Google I/O 2021. In this podcast David East will take you through the new JavaScript SDK, how it's different and better (spoiler alert: it's a lot lighter), how to upgrade, and what it means for frameworks like Angular, React, and RxJS. Then David will cover AppCheck, a new security feature. Reach out to David on Twitter:  Reducing bundle size: Previewing a new Firebase for the web: Upgrade guide:  webpack - tree shaking:  Rollup:  TC39 Pipeline operator proposal: Firebase AppCheck:
  • The Firebase Podcast podcast

    Everything announced at the Firebase Summit (Part 2)


    More announcements from The Firebase Summit! This episode goes over the new Remote Config updates, Crashlytics and BigQuery streaming, the new APIs for Google Analytics, and Import Segments! Reach out to David on Twitter: Firebase Summit Keynote: Remote Config docs: Firebase A/B Testing: Crashlytics & BigQuery: Google Analytics Measurement Protocol API: Google Analytics Data API: Google Analytics Admin API: Import Segments:
  • The Firebase Podcast podcast

    Everything announced at the Firebase Summit (Part 1)


    The Firebase Summit was bananas! We announced a bunch of new features like the Auth Emulator and new Performance Monitoring dashboard. There were so many things to talk about that I split it up into two parts! Plus I recap how the Stripe Extensions work so you can easily add payments to your apps. Reach out to David on Twitter →  All the announcements in one blog →  Firebase Authentication Emulator →  Firebase Performance Monitoring →  Stripe Send Invoices Extension →  Stripe Subscription Extension →    Subscribe to Firebase →
  • The Firebase Podcast podcast

    Your Firebase Summit Pre-show


    Next week is the Firebase Developer Summit! In the past the summit has been held in Berlin, Prague, Madrid, and Amsterdam but now for the first time it's all online. This is your pre-show guide to the schedule and talks for next week. We'll have 5 Firebase team members on to discuss their talks about Firebase ML, Flutter, Ad optimization, and FCM strategies. Register for the summit! → Subscribe to the Firebase channel →
  • The Firebase Podcast podcast

    The comprehensive guide to GitHub Actions and Firebase Hosting


    Just the other week at Firebase we released a feature we're really excited about, preview channels. Preview channels are a fantastic way to deploy versions of your site to a generated, expirable, URL. For many of you, this immediately gets you thinking. "Hey, I'd love to deploy a preview channel whenever a pull request is created on GitHub" And that's exactly what you can do with GitHub Actions, which is an awesome way to automate tasks in response to events in GitHub. In today's episode I'm going to talk all about how this works from the ground up. I'm going to: - Give you a crash course on how GitHub Actions work - Dive into how the Firebase CLI sets up the Action with your Firebase project - Go over what the Firebase Hosting GitHub Action does. Preview channels Documentation →  GitHub Actions Intro to Actions →  Billing →  Google Cloud Service Accounts Documentation →  Firebase Hosting GitHub Action source  →  Firebase CLI source →  Firebase Summit register →  Subscribe to Firebase →
  • The Firebase Podcast podcast

    Recapping a massive Firebase Hosting update


    Firebase Hosting just had one of its biggest updates of all time. In this episode David East explains the new features: preview channels, GitHub Actions, and cloning. These features are super sweet, so you don't want to miss this. Subscribe to the Firebase YouTube channel →  

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