Leading with Empathy (Formerly The Everyday Hero) podcast

Leading with Empathy (Formerly The Everyday Hero)

Mr. G

A collaborative project with The Idea Consultancy Founder, Mr. G (Galeno Chua) on encouraging acts of compassion and personal leadership, everywhere. This podcast is a series of conversational interviews of ‘Everyday Heroes’, exploring their impact, motivations and to learn from their stories to continue encouraging them and others to act with empathy and compassion.

6 Episodes

  • Leading with Empathy (Formerly The Everyday Hero) podcast

    A Cat Cafe For Animal Welfare in Cambodia - a conversation with social entrepreneur Georgia Murphy


    Join G and Georgia Murphy on a conversational discovery on animal welfare in Cambodia and how her business supports her vision for a world where animals are treated with respect and compassion, and an ideal world where every homeless cat has a home. Georgia is a social entrepreneur, founder of Tangy Turtle kombucha and co-founder of Ministry of Cat, a rescue cat cafe and adoption centre in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Hailing from Tasmania, Australia, she moved to Cambodia 5 years ago to work on humanitarian disarmament projects before starting her own businesses.
  • Leading with Empathy (Formerly The Everyday Hero) podcast

    What it means to go above and beyond as a teacher and educator - a conversation with Kate O'Connell, Head of School at The Giving Tree


    Join G and Kate on a dialogue on how teachers and educators are integral to seeding and spreading empathy and compassion to children, the future leaders of our community. This episode's everyday hero is Kate, a mother, Head of School and an influential figure in the world of education in Cambodia. She’s worked in education for two and a half decades from Asia to Africa, the US and now Cambodia, and regularly support the other educators, parents and children in her own time. You can find here on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kate-o-connell-m-ed-89510671/
  • Leading with Empathy (Formerly The Everyday Hero) podcast

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  • Leading with Empathy (Formerly The Everyday Hero) podcast

    A mission to reduce single-use plastic - a conversation with entrepreneur and environmental activist Sandy Kotan


    G and Sandy discuss Sandy's journey from corporate executive to social entrepreneur and explore a variety of topics from internal conflict of business owners, executives and the public, green-washing and the motivations of and difficulties of making life-altering choices.  This episode's everyday hero is Sandy, an entrepreneur, environmental activist and honest force of nature who worked in advertising, interior design and sourcing, Asia for nearly 20 years from Singapore to Hong Kong and now Phnom Penh, and has decided to stay and provide her expertise and efforts to reducing the impact of single-plastic in Cambodia.
  • Leading with Empathy (Formerly The Everyday Hero) podcast

    Personal Care and Community Leadership to cope with Covid 19 (Raw Mic)


    Life Coach and Entrepreneur Joey Ra gives some sound advice and insight to how people should take care of themselves during a crisis as well as other insights on community leadership.  These insights were derived from clients and experience not only in Cambodia but across the world, we hope you find this helpful.
  • Leading with Empathy (Formerly The Everyday Hero) podcast

    Compassion in Coaching: Good for Business and People - a conversation with Sports Scientist Robbie Tissera


    Sports Scientist and Strength & Conditioning Coach Robbie Tissera brings his insights from 6 months of pro bono coaching in Cambodia, from the winning football team to community volleyball groups and circus schools. His experience in Cambodia helped springboard his experience and expertise. Join us as we explore his learnings as to how compassion in the field of coaching has benefitted him and his community.
  • Leading with Empathy (Formerly The Everyday Hero) podcast

    In the life of a Pharmacist in Cambodia during COVID 19


    G interviews Dr. Vireak Chea, a Doctor of Pharmacy graduated from Pacific University in Oregon and a serial entrepreneur who's launched the Community Pharmacy chains and a revolutionary new app for Pharmacy owners to help them serve their communities better. Dr. Chea shares his insights as a frontline worker and company owner during the pandemic; diving deep into his motivations and ideas to leading a team of healthcare professionals for public good, whilst keeping in business.

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