The Enrollment Spectrum Podcast podcast

The Enrollment Spectrum Podcast

Peter Baron & Hans Mundahl

Welcome to The Enrollment Management Association's podcast series, "The Enrollment Spectrum." In each episode, hosts Peter Baron and Hans Mundahl will explore the central tenets of enrollment management strategy, focusing on the components embodying the spectrum. Join us as we unpack and explore what the strategy of enrollment management means for K-12 independent and private schools and their communities.

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  • The Enrollment Spectrum Podcast podcast

    How We Launched a Transitional Kindergarten Program in May (and filled it in 21 days)


    Join us for a conversation with Mark McKee and Laurel Baker Tew. Mark is the Head of School at Viewpoint School in Calabasas, California where Laurel is the Assistant Head of School for Enrollment Management. Mark and Laurel are deeply committed to independent schools and the field of enrollment management. Mark and Laurel are also longtime contributors to EMA: Laurel has served on EMA’s Board of Trustees, both Laurel and Mark have spoken at many of our events, and both were on the podcast back in July of 2020 when they were talking about their reopening plans for the fall.
  • The Enrollment Spectrum Podcast podcast

    Five Steps to Promote Racial Equity in the Workplace


    Please join us for a conversation with Dr. Robert Livingston. Dr. Livingston is a Lecturer of Public Policy at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government where his research focuses on diversity, leadership, and social justice. His work has been published in multiple top-tier academic journals and has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, and many other media outlets. His award-winning article How to Promote Racial Equity in the Workplace is the foundation for our conversation.
  • The Enrollment Spectrum Podcast podcast

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  • The Enrollment Spectrum Podcast podcast

    Marketing in an Unscripted World


    Please join us for a conversation with Sam Birdsong. Sam has been creating films that inspire purpose and lead with humanity for the last decade. He co-founded the film company Chispa House, which focuses on producing authentic and cinematic video.
  • The Enrollment Spectrum Podcast podcast

    Using Your Brand Voice to Speak with Transparency & Trust


    Please join us for a conversation with Risa Engel. Risa is the Chief Marketing Officer at Finalsite where she leads the talented team responsible for worldwide marketing. She joined Finalsite in 2019 with a background in education, finance, and tech marketing communications. Most recently at Stuart Country Day School in Princeton, NJ, Risa transformed the school's brand awareness through innovative programs including the CASE Circle of Excellence award-winning #LEADLIKEAGIRL K-12 conference. Born and raised in Silicon Valley, Risa cut her teeth at tech startups and is excited by the opportunities technology provides educators to build community with the students and families they serve.
  • The Enrollment Spectrum Podcast podcast

    Addressing Impossible Questions


    Join us for a conversation with Dr. Ari Betof as we discuss how to address impossible questions. We'll also introduce EMA's new podcast available now!
  • The Enrollment Spectrum Podcast podcast

    Managing Change in Independent Schools


    Please join us for a conversation with Dr. Mary Halpin Carter and Tom Olverson. Mary is the head of school at the Derryfield School in Manchester, NH where she has been for eight years. Prior to her appointment to head of school she was a teacher, director of admission, and assistant head for faculty and academic programs, in addition to other roles. Tom is a veteran of 38 years in independent schools, serving as a Head for 27 of those years. Today Tom is a search consultant at RG175 and has completed more than 18 head of school searches.
  • The Enrollment Spectrum Podcast podcast

    What’s Your Recipe for Retention?


    Please join us for a conversation with Brandi Eppolito. Brandi is the Vice President of Marketing at SchoolAdmin, which is now a part of FinalSite, providing admission and enrollment solutions to independent schools. Prior to joining SchoolAdmin, Brandi was involved with marketing and content development for several for-profit organizations in Texas and was in recruitment, marketing and admission at The University of Texas. SchoolAdmin recently launched The Recipe for Retention: Cooking up an award-winning retention strategy for your private school and they are soon to launch a new report titled, Widening the Aperture: Redefining the Enrollment Experience. We’re excited to dig into both of these reports on this episode!
  • The Enrollment Spectrum Podcast podcast

    Let’s Redesign the External Functions of the School


    Join us for a conversation with Ann Snyder and Jennifer Hillen. Ann is the Director of Independent and International Schools at The Council for Advancement and Support of Education. Prior to joining CASE, she was the Director of Enrollment and External Affairs at Stuart Hall School. Prior to Stuart Hall, she was in corporate marketing. Jennifer is the Chief Learning Officer at the National Business Officers Association. Prior to joining NBOA, she worked in assurance and advisory services for Ernst & Young, she then joined Harpeth Hall School where she served as the business officer.
  • The Enrollment Spectrum Podcast podcast

    Exclusivity and Access in Higher Education


    Join us for a conversation with Jeff Selingo. Jeff has written about higher education for two decades. He is the author of two New York Times bestsellers, a contributor to The Atlantic and the Washington Post, and a special advisor at Arizona State University. Jeff has been a keynote speaker at our annual conference and has been on the show twice before! Jeff’s latest book Who Gets In & Why: A Year Inside College Admissions came out last fall.
  • The Enrollment Spectrum Podcast podcast

    The Ride to Independent Schools 2020-2021


    Please join s for a conversation with Chuck English. Chuck is the driving force behind English Marketing Works where he has successfully worked with dozens of schools, helping them achieve strategic goals through effective branding, messaging, marketing, and creative initiatives. Chuck has written numerous e-books, reports, and journal articles on independent school marketing. In fact, he wrote EMA’s last State of the Industry report that was released in 2019. This year, Chuck authored EMA’s Ride to Independent Schools 2020-2021 which is why we’ve asked him to join us today. 

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