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Drilling It Down

Wes Lyon

More dentists than ever are seeking out independent, objective, financial advice. In a world recently flooded with private equity money, lower dental insurance reimbursements, and questionable tax advice, it can be tough to see through the fog and answer the most important question, how can a dentist make more money? Join your host Wes Lyon as he helps you see clearly through the fog of dental office financials, allowing you to concentrate on delivering quality dental care. Wes prides himself in offering independent, uncensored, objective advice to help dentists increase practice profitability, make better practice management decisions, and improve their personal financial planning.  Whether you’re a recent graduate, new owner, in the stride of your career, or considering a transition into retirement, the Drilling It Down Podcast will help you make more money, pay less tax, and reach financial independence earlier. About Us The McGill & Hill Group is an independently owned one-stop financial services resource for the dental profession, based on their "every step of the way" team approach. Their team offers financial consulting services and continuing education seminars exclusively for dentists nationwide.  Throughout the years more than 30,000 doctors nationwide have trusted The McGill & Hill Group for objective advice to reach their financial goals. Aside from their consulting, transition, and continuing education services, the group also publishes The McGill Advisory, a dental business newsletter that offers valuable insights for all dentists. The McGill Advisory provides strategies and advice to help minimize federal and state income taxes, maximize practice profits, reduce overhead expenses, and create and protect your wealth. Membership includes monthly issues, searchable archives, special reports and bulletins, Q&As, financial calculators, forms, guides, letters, and more! Wes and his guests are experienced dental advisors specializing in tax planning, business planning, financial planning, wealth management, and practice transitions, who take pride in providing independent advice that puts the independent dentists’ best interests first. Host Biography Wes Lyon: Wes helps dentists and specialists across the country achieve financial independence by improving practice profitability, slashing income taxes, managing dental insurance exposure, and making better personal financial decisions. Wes serves as President & CEO of Lyon Publishing Inc., President & CEO of McGill and Lyon Dental Advisors, and Managing Partner of Lyon Wealth Advisors Group, LLC. He is a highly sought after speaker making regular appearances at industry events, study clubs, podcasts, and McGill & Hill Group seminars. Wes is also published in other editorials periodically and writes a Financial Management column for the Academy of General Dentistry. Before entering the dental consulting world, Wes worked in institutional investment management. Prior to that, Wes was a financial advisor specializing in helping small business owners with their personal finances. Lyon Publishing, Inc., publishes the McGill Advisory, a monthly newsletter providing the latest information dentists must know, including tips on slashing your taxes, improving your financial planning, increasing your profits, and protecting your wealth.  In addition, Lyon Publishing produces webinars and podcasts providing an independent and uncensored view of breaking news and hot topics.  Be sure to visit www.McGillAdvisory.com to subscribe.  Use code Podcast20 for 20% off your initial year. McGill and Lyon Dental advisors is a consulting firm providing dentists and specialists independent, objective financial advice as it relates to tax planning, business planning, and financial planning.  McGill and Lyon Dental Advisors was founded in 1983 by Dr. Charles Blair and John K. McGill.  Since then, the company has helped over 1,000 dentists reach their financial goals while paying the least amount of taxes required through their tax, business, and financial planning service.   Lyon Wealth Advisors Group, LLC is a full service wealth management firm that helps doctors protect their wealth, improve investment management outcomes, and maximize financial planning outcomes.   Wes found that many dentists would receive differing advice from their CPA and Financial Advisor.  In order to minimize this confusion and help doctors reach financial independence as quickly as possible, he founded Lyon Wealth Advisors Group, LLC to help dentists with their wealth management needs. www.McGillAdvisory.com www.McGillHillGroup.com

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