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Hour 1: Knick What You Buck

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Hard Knocks, Drake Maye, Whiteboard,  Can you say these?,  Football media makes people feel stupid,  We watch the same football as Domonique,  gaslighting, Jealousy,  Evolved at talking about sports,  Being confusing and extremely technical has become the norm,  The Dan Marino school of gunslinger,  Big 'Splosion Guy, Slaying Dragons, Fetishizes Jargon,  When there's things going on I don't understand,  NBA Youngboy,  Knuck If You Buck,  Crime mob ho, Billy Gil, the club,  1st Team All-side chair,  Knuck what you buck,  Knuck If You Buck,  Film breakdown, awesome and jealous,  Standardized test, If life was a standardized test,  Kawhi replaced by Derrick White,  David Samson, Normie, Survivor, Cliff Robinson,  Kawhi Leonard, Team USA, Basketball,  Stephen Strasburg,  Hurt the most by basketball reference, Best player in the NBA,  Kevin Durant,  Sell this game,  WNBA, David Stern, 1992, Dream team,  Mr. Thighs, Vast wardrobe,  Open Thigh Shorts,  Intentional, True competition,  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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