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The Cowboy Perspective

Welcome to a place where we will talk all things Natural and Organic meat business, Ranching, American Quarter Horses, Family, and God! Pull up a seat grab your favorite beverage and lets chew the fat! Visit for transcriptions and more!

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  • The Cowboy Perspective podcast

    #55 BBT Special - Owen and Sandi Carlson


    Loyal consumers of bacon at Bacon Bash Texas – Owen and Sandi Carlson represent what is best in humanity. They live through tough realities with love and a heart for others. Pederson’s is honored to dedicate a month of the podcast to Bacon Bash Texas and all it stands for! Fun fact: Owen and Sandi founded Niki Warms the Cold in honor of their daughter Niki Carlson and spend much of their time making sure the needy, across Texas, know they are seen and have a coat or blanket to keep warm! Visit (2:46) - Owen and Sandi Introductions  (4:33) - Bacon Bash 2021 (5:14) - The story behind Niki Warms the Cold (12:42) - Why is Bacon Bash supporting Type 1 Diabetes? (15:03) - Continuous Glucose Monitors to help those with Type 1 Diabetes (15:53) - The Horny Toad (17:07) - Cranfills Gap, TX  (18:13) - What happens at Bacon Bash? (20:25) - Hooty-Hoo! (23:32) - Advice for those struggling with the loss of a child (26:23) - Wrap Up The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Straight Up Podcasts & Root and Roam.
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    #54 Bob Howard - Business Owner and Entrepreneur


    Bob Howard is the Founder of 855 BUGS and recently sold the company to Terminix. He has a major list of accomplishments including being elected Mayor of Woodway, Texas and an elder within his church. This episode is fantastic as we talk about faith, leadership, partnerships in business and a whole lot more in between fits of laughter. This is one you won't want to miss, enjoy! Visit (1:49) - Bob’s career and background 855 BUGS (6:49) - Bob’s faith background (11:05) - Leadership: What is it? (19:32) - Would you consider your company a ‘family’? (20:53) - How do you manage your connection with your company and growth given everything going on with you outside of work? (22:45) - It’s Lonely at the Top:  (31:45) - Dealing with partnerships in business (33:39) - Bob’s experience as Mayor (38:05) - Bob’s favorite books The Go-Getter by Peter Kyne  I Want my Church to Grow by C.B. Hogue (40:06) - The origin of the question: “What’s the value of a dollar or a bitcoin?” (41:48) - What’s the value of a dollar or a bitcoin? (46:17) - Do you think you’re tightly wound? (50:20) - The beauty of dreaming big (54:17) - How Bob built and sold his company They Ask You Answer by Marcus Sheridan The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Straight Up Podcasts & Root and Roam.
  • The Cowboy Perspective podcast

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  • The Cowboy Perspective podcast

    #53 Marcus Sheridan - Author of "They Ask You Answer"


    Marcus Sheridan is a highly sought-after international keynote speaker and has been dubbed a “Web Marketing Guru” by the New York Times and in 2017 Forbes names Marcus one of 20 “Speakers You Don’t Want to Miss.” Mashable rated his book, “They Ask, you Answer” the “#1 Marketing Book” to read in 2017. Forbes listed it as one of “11 Marketing Books Every CMO Should Read.” On this episode, we talk with Marcus about his content strategy for LinkedIn, his self-taught marketing journey, the problem with how Universities teach marketing today and a whole lot more. Enjoy! Visit Check out Marcus' Book here (2:43) - Thoughts on Out Of Office email replies (4:04) - LinkedIn (6:26) - Teaching youth to be a responsible employee and worker (9:37) - The goal of pain in life (10:45) - The marketing industry should not require college degrees (13:01) - Marcus on being a self-taught marketer (16:08) - The importance of a good office culture (20:32) - Accepting that you will not resonate with everyone (23:31) - Wrap Up The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Straight Up Podcasts & Root and Roam.
  • The Cowboy Perspective podcast

    #52 Ryan Lofton - Friend and Entrepreneur


    I had the incredible pleasure to catch up with my friend Ryan Lofton. We recorded this one several months ago, before he was brought in as the CEO of Root & Roam Integrated Marketing Agency. We talk about old times, being fathers, the value of hard work, Ryan's career journey spanning several industries, faith, suffering and more. Enjoy! Visit (3:05) - Ryan’s background and childhood (7:53) - Fatherhood & hard work (11:27) - Ryan’s early career  (18:00) - Going through the ’08 crisis  To Sell is Human - Daniel Pink (25:14) - Ryan’s experience working in Orphan care (28:02) - Ryan’s son (32:38) - Chariot Innovations (41:59) - Faith Shattered Dreams by Larry Crabb (44:57) - Suffering (46:30) - The importance of reading, audio books and podcasts Cant Hurt Me by David Goggins (49:24) - The value of a dollar & a bitcoin (52:22) - The best email Neil’s ever receieved: Ryan’s Sales Note  The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Johnny Peterson, Neil Dudley and Root & Roam. 
  • The Cowboy Perspective podcast

    BONUS: David & Kerry Kersh of HGTV's Battle on the Beach


    We have an amazing bonus episode with David and Kerry Kersh, the winners of HGTV's Battle on the Beach! We talk about their experience on the show, how winning has changed their lives and business, future business plans, the white-hot real estate market and more. I am super proud of my brother and sister in law David and Kerry Kersh for their willingness to put it on the line and go for it! Enjoy!  Visit This episode is sponsored by Brennan Vineyards Watch Battle on the Beach Let's Make it Simple - Follow David and Kerry at Kersh Design Company on Instagram On Facebook at Kersh Design Company See their listing at Kersh Real Estate (2:45) - Winning HGTV’s Battle on the Beach (6:03) - How the show was started & the experience of filming (12:05) - What’s the attention been like since winning? (16:47) - What’s your relationships like with the other contestants? (18:58) - How did you get onto the show? (21:26) - What’d you do with the winnings? (23:57) - Shout out to the carpenters!  (24:59) - David and Kerry’s roles  (28:37) - Social Media Issues and mental health in striving to be ‘perfect’ (36:53) - What do you do outside of flipping homes? (38:12) - The Kersh’s new store in Stephenville Kersh & Co. Design Shop (40:12) - Kerry’s parental influence (42:06) - The insane current Real Estate market (44:38) - Where to find the Kersh’s online Kerry on Facebook David on Facebook David on Instagram Kerry on Instagram (48:02) - Be able to do it, but don’t have to! - The realities of running your own business (55:11) - How many homes have you lived in over the past 10 years? (57:52) - Wrap up The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Johnny Peterson and Root & Roam.
  • The Cowboy Perspective podcast

    #51 SFTHM - Who has Heard of Whole30?


    Have you heard of Whole30? We were lucky enough to sit down with the woman who founded the movement, and we're giving you a never-before heard snippet of the conversation before we launch it on our brand new podcast September 1st!  Subscribe to the Pederson’s Natural Farms Podcast so you don’t miss out on the Whole30 month! Spotify Apple Podcasts (4:42) - Melissa Urban on her first Whole30 in a sneak peek of the first episode of the Pederson’s Natural Farms Podcast!  Visit us at The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Johnny Peterson & Root and Roam. 
  • The Cowboy Perspective podcast

    #50 Jake Escobar - Comanche ISD Athletic Director #rolltribe


    Jake Escobar is the Comanche ISD Athletic Director and a person I looked up to when we were in school together. He's an incredible leader and today we discuss what it's like building a culture around the athletic program, tough love coaching, failure, the realities of coaching and much more. Enjoy! Visit (2:53) - Reminiscing about the old days & Jake’s Background (9:54) - Tough love coaching (13:07) - Emphasizing the ‘Student’ in Student-Athlete 7 Habits of Highly effective people (17:58) - The importance of continuing to learn even after leaving school (20:21) - What makes a great athletic program (22:43) - Coach and parental impacts on the kid’s mental health & Building a Culture (26:07) - Coach’s wives & the realities of being a coach (28:28) - Leadership of peers (31:04) - Without failure, there is no growth (35:51) - What’s the biggest challenge in your profession? (39:55) - What’s it like being a hero? The Last Dance documentary (45:26) - Chasing Standards (46:11) - What’s the value of a dollar or a bitcoin? (53:39) - Working hard every single day & being coachable (56:55) - Wrap Up The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Straight Up Podcasts & Root and Roam.
  • The Cowboy Perspective podcast

    #49: SFTHM - Horsemanship ain’t Management!


    Our world has screwed up the idea of management, we are WAY too controlling over people in our organizations. Your people have brains of their own, you need to partner with them and work together! We also look back at my conversation with Ty and Butch Murray and how they relate Horsemanship to this topic. Enjoy! Visit (7:51) - Ty & Butch Murray on Horsemanship Link to Full episode here The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Straight Up Podcasts & Root and Roam.
  • The Cowboy Perspective podcast

    #48 Straight From the Horse's Mouth - One Degree of Separation!


    The people closest to you in your life already hold all the knowledge that you will ever need! Are you willing to ask for it, accept it, and implement it? We also take a peek at some great insights from past episodes. Enjoy! Visit (4:56) - Dove Hunting with Friends | Hiring & Elevating great talent Link to full episode (10:06) - Kenneth Harvick | Freedom to fail Link to full episode (13:16) - Cole Parks | Wealth, God, and good banking partners Link to full episode (15:10) - Ty Murray | Lessons in negotiation and the importance of quality food Link to full episode The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Straight Up Podcasts and Root & Roam. 
  • The Cowboy Perspective podcast

    #47: Steven Toboroff - CEO Woolco Foods


    Steven Toboroff is the CEO of Woolco Foods and host of The Profitable Table podcast. As the top wholesale food distributor in New York, Woolco Foods offers a vast array of locally sourced, high quality products for your business to choose from. Having a background encompassing specialized knowledge in food service, elevate your dishes with the exclusive Holland & York range which offers unparalleled quality and unique flavors. On this episode, we talk about the CEO mindset that Steven brings to Woolco, our business relationship between Pederson's and Woolco, podcasting, holding people accountable and dealing with failure. This is one of our best episodes and I hope y'all enjoy! Visit Woolco Foods The Profitable Table Podcast (3:31) - Steven and his background & the importance of relationships w/ customers (7:22) - The Pederson’s & Wilco relationship (9:13) - Steven’s childhood and family life (12:27) - What does Wilco Foods do? (14:07) - The importance of leadership within an organization (17:31) - Is it lonely at the top? (20:08) - The importance of giving your people autonomy (21:40) - Faith (22:45) - Learning from Failures (25:56) - How do you hold employees accountable? How to win friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie (35:44) - What’s been the most challenging thing for your business post-pandemic? (40:36) - Thoughts on the current labor shortage, opportunity and gratitude (51:22) - What’s the value of a dollar or a BitCoin? (54:07) - Wrap Up The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Straight Up Podcasts & Root and Roam.

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