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    The Chicago Bulls won a CONVINCING blowout over the Houston Rockets last night, and our host has not watched the game. Let's see how this goes. Ross: @arturasfanclubGaurav: @dashofgauravYoutube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n05MDCvFMTk
  • Bulls Brawl podcast

    WE'RE BACK | Gaurav Was Wrong, Plus MVP + All Star Picks!


    Ross and Gaurav are BACK after a brief hiatus due to some COVID weirdness. We talk the future of the Bulls, current NBA MVP/All Star leaders, and we re-visit a HORRIBLE take that Gaurav has to own.Ross: @arturasfanclubGaurav: @dashofgaurav
  • Bulls Brawl podcast

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  • Bulls Brawl podcast

    Bulls in Four. Nothing Else Matters.


    Ross and Gaurav tip off the NBA season with their predictions for the Bulls, break down the Bulls first matchup with the Atlanta Hawks, and compare notes regarding the Eastern/Western Conference playoff races. Ross: @arturasfanclubGaurav: @gauravkumarisms
  • Bulls Brawl podcast

    Patrick Williams' Veteran Presence | Preseason Review #1


    Ross and Gaurav recap the action from a wild weekend of NBA preseason action. We will address questions such as: Is Patrick Williams already a veteran? Was James Harden too afraid to play the Bulls? Who has the 'rona now? How do you get rednecks to take the COVID-19 vaccine? Ross: @arturasfanclub on all platformsGaurav @gauravkumarisms on Twitter
  • Bulls Brawl podcast

    Dennis Rodman's Pandemic Survival Guide


    Ross and Gaurav recap the free agency period, discuss why the Lakers and Clippers are scared of Chicago, think of nicknames for Garrett Temple, explore how Dennis Rodman would handle Coronavirus, and look forward to the 2020-2021 NBA Season.
  • Bulls Brawl podcast

    Three Stroke Williams


    Tall defensive player Patrick Williams is the Bulls pick with number four in the NBA Draft, and Ross makes the case for trusting Arturas while Gaurav helps him lay out the other moves in free agency in the aftermath of draft night.
  • Bulls Brawl podcast

    Arty Party with Gaurav


    President of the Arturas Fan Club, Ross, and his co-host Gaurav go over the entirety of the greatest basketball organization to ever do it in a completely unfiltered episode of Bulls Brawl, hitting the GarPax upheaval, the Thibs upheaval, every other upheaval, and the future of the team including an upcoming lottery draft pick. Bulls nostalgics will love revisiting the highs and lows in this retrospective and the franchise optimism
  • Bulls Brawl podcast

    Bulls are Back


    The Chicago Crew is feeling hopeful again as the Bulls are on their way out of the dark days. Dan Goodwin III, Kate the Great, and Ross, founder of Arturas Karnisovas Fan Club, break down the massive offseason transitions that should lead this franchise to greatness
  • Bulls Brawl podcast

    10/6/20: FIRED UP POD! NFL Week 4 and NBA Finals Recap


    This week we breakdown week 4 in the NFL including the Bears offensive struggles with Nick Foles at the helm in his first start vs the Colts. Next up is Tom Brady on a short week wat Soldier Field. Do the Heat have enough to come back or will Lebron don the championship with his 3rd franchise?Plenty more fun -- check us out!
  • Bulls Brawl podcast

    9-22 -- NFL Injuries and Soprano's talk with AJ Soprano


    This week we are joined by Robert Iler to share some fun stories from his time on set as AJ Soprano along with his time living in Vegas. Cubs and Sox nearing division championships but will they have enough to hold off some hot teams?Injuries racking up out of the gate following week 2 - look ahead to some week 3 matchups. Check us out!

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