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The Chess Underground

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Welcome to US Chess’ latest podcast, Chess Underground, the show that explores eccentricities, peculiarities, and theoretical novelties. The Chess Underground is hosted by NM Pete Karagianis, the US Chess Assistant Director of Events

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  • The Chess Underground podcast

    EP# 30: Aakaash Meduri


    What do DAOs, Bansky, bachelorette parties, derivative art, classic Kung Fu movies and a post-apocalyptic landscape have in common? They're all discussed on this month's Chess Underground with Aakaash Meduri. Listen now!   Follow Aaakaash: - Twitch: - Twitter:   See what we talked about: - ggplot: - Art Blocks:  
  • The Chess Underground podcast

    EP #29: Gopal Menon


    The August edition of the Chess Underground sits down with national master, vegan, blitz GM, long doggo lover and lowkey memelord Gopal Menon. Gopal goes deep on current chess literature, chess and academia, opening traps, content creation inspiration, and much more.   Catch up with Gopal via the following socials:   Links to full games mentioned in the show: Zhu v. Ehlvest Liang v. Kumar Ehlvest v. Ivanchuk ​
  • The Chess Underground podcast

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  • The Chess Underground podcast

    EP #28: WFM Devina Devagharan


    The July episode of The Chess Underground checks in with WFM Devina Devagharan. Devina shares her thoughts about bunnies (and bunny appearances), party tournaments, charity streams and much more. Listen to the show and follow Devina!   Twitter: @DDevinaDev  Twitch: Website:
  • The Chess Underground podcast

    EP #27: James Canty III


    The June edition of "Chess Underground" continues our season 3 theme, “Streamers”, with a sit-down with James Canty III. James discusses his aspirations, hypothetical chess-boxing matchups, inspiration, and much more! Listen to the show and check out all of James’ content below. YT: Twitch: Twitter:
  • The Chess Underground podcast

    EP #26: IM Levy Rozman


    Season 3 of the Chess Underground – themed “Streamers” – starts off with none other than Gothamchess himself, IM Levy Rozman.   Follow all of Levy’s work via Twitch or YouTube.  
  • The Chess Underground podcast

    EP #25: Transitions


    In this month's edition of the Chess Underground, host Pete Karagianis reviews the Candidates finish, recaps season 3 “Tournament Life” and introduces a very exciting season 4 of the podcast.
  • The Chess Underground podcast

    EP #24: Dr. Judit Sztaray


    Chess Underground wraps up its second season - "Tournament Life" - with a visit with super-TD Judit Sztaray. No topic is off limits, and Judit weighs in across the board on chess organizing, fair play, a return to OTB chess, and Peter Leko's recent comedy streak. 
  • The Chess Underground podcast

    EP #23: The Candidates


    The February Chess Underground examines the intrigue and excitement surrounding the upcoming resumption of the 2020 Candidates Tournament in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Host Pete Karagianis takes an in-depth look at some of the matchups that may impact who ultimately goes on to challenge World Champion Magnus Carlsen. We also consider the major storylines and possibilities, including how such an unprecedent set of circumstances may affect the second half of the tournament.
  • The Chess Underground podcast

    EP #22: Marty Grund


    The February Chess Underground takes a trip through time with Internet Chess Club co-founder Marty Grund. Marty shares from his wealth of stories through the years, uncovering some gems that are now chronicled in chess history through the Underground. Enjoy!
  • The Chess Underground podcast

    EP #21: Pete Karagianis


    In the December 2020 Chess Underground, host Pete Karagianis looks back on the year that wasn’t, his own best laid plans, and the difference between Chess and Go. A show like the year 2020: from the archives and for the vaults – the kind they keep locked.

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