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Letter to the American Church with Eric Metaxas

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Charlie welcomes friend of the show and fellow Salem Faculty member, Eric Metaxas, who is out with an important new book, "Letter to the American Church." Eric, the the author of the mega best-seller, "Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy" calls this his most important book where he rails against the seeds of Marxism, wokeism, apathy, and errant theology that have infiltrated the church, and asks, "Could it really be God's will that the church stay silent when presented with such blatant evil?" Eric issues a startling warning, pointing out the haunting similarities between today’s American church and the German church of the 1930s. Echoing Bonhoeffer’s prophetic call, Eric Metaxas exhorts his fellow Christians to repent of their silence in the face of evil before it is too late.


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