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How One Man's Anti-Lockdown Crusade Inspired a Movement with Sean Feucht

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Charlie welcomes musician, film maker, activist, and worship leader Sean Feucht to the show to tell his story of how he stared down the lockdowns of houses of worship during the pandemic and launched a nationwide movement, Let Us Worship, to fight back and watch God show up. Now that story is heading to theaters on Sept. 29, in the new film "Superspreader" where Sean documents how his desire to see churches open back up for God's people was confronted with ANTIFA criminals, government COVID tyrant bureaucrats, and even Christian pastor and worship leaders who all wanted to shut him down. Charlie may have been wrong at the beginning of COVID that the church would stand up and push back against lockdowns (it didn't), but Sean Feucht did, and we should support his film, "Superspreader," to witness his worthy journey unfold. 

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