Thoughts That Manifest podcast

Thoughts That Manifest

Ell Duclos

The Thoughts That Manifest Podcast is hosted by Ell. Ell is a mindset and manifestation coach who aims to inspire others to awaken their mind to their limitless potential. Ell shares her best tips when it comes to manifesting and aligning with your most authentic self. If you struggle with mindset and limiting beliefs then this podcast is for you. She inspires others to dig deep to discover what truly lights up your soul and then pursue that passion whole heartedly as fearlessly as possible. This a perfect weekly dose of motivation, spirituality, magic, and personal growth. Ell has been a content creator since 2017. In 2017 she started manifesting her dream career and since then she has been encouraging others to tap into their limitless potential so they can do the same! This podcast is dedicated to sharing uplifting messages to help others embrace their authenticity and awaken their mind through doing the internal work so that their external world reflects back to them their ideal vision. Learn how to develop a growth mindset as you step into your authentic self and create a life that inspires you to jump out of bed in the morning! Ell also shares about her journey with energy reading and astrology while navigating the path less traveled. So if you are ready to unlock your limitless potential and embrace your authenticity, then you have come to the right place! Know that you are never alone!

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