The Boardroom Buzz Pest Control Podcast podcast

The Boardroom Buzz Pest Control Podcast

The Boardroom Buzz

The Boardroom Buzzhosted by Patrick Baldwin and Paul Giannamore, is the go-to resource for cutting-edge insight on strategy, valuation and mergers & acquisitions in the service industry.

Presented by the Potomac Pest Control Group.

72 Episodes

  • The Boardroom Buzz Pest Control Podcast podcast

    Episode 69 — Disclaimer: This is Not Financial Advice


    A listener’s economic question kicks off this episode although Patrick admits to his own self-interest. Following the listener’s follow-up research on Supernova, the signals and signs are out there, but what are they? The conversation inside The Boardroom turns to investing and the economy. As you can imagine, this episode earns its fair share of financial disclaimers.  Paul chooses to self-manage his portfolio, but that begs the questions of how and why. Diversification goes a lot further than choosing multiple asset classes. Paul shares his investing mindset that goes beyond increasing wealth and into preservation. From crypto to commodities, there are various playbooks out there, but is there one that can solve for inflation? Paul can’t predict the future, but he does see trends reversing. Has anyone ever accused Paul of wearing rose colored glasses? He shares his take on massive demographic shifts and the very real threats of inflation. Tax receipts are at an all-time high, but they still can’t keep up with the US’s debt to GDP ratio. How will the US government navigate out of this extreme liability? Negative forward returns are on the horizon. There can be a variety of extreme outcomes. Take note. Ignorance will not excuse poor preparation. While it may or may not change who you choose to follow on Instagram, it’s time to sign off with one last reminder that Paul, Patrick, and The Boardroom Buzz disclaim all liability. Co-Produced, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of Verbell.Ltd
  • The Boardroom Buzz Pest Control Podcast podcast

    Episode 68 — Marketing and More with #1 Bestselling Author Allan Dib


    Paul goes unplugged in this interview. Literally. Maybe this was part of Paul’s plan to get Allan back for another episode, but the show must go on. This isn't an ivory tower novel. What was the powering force for Allan writing The 1-Page Marketing Plan? You’ll be glad that Allan wrote a book to himself but shared it with everyone. Paul name drops some of the biggest names in direct response marketing. Pop quiz, Allan… Shots fired. Allan says, "Don’t start with why. Start with buy." From attribution to target market, The Boardroom Buzz guest gives great advice on marketing for service businesses. Would it really be a Boardroom Buzz episode without mentioning pricing? Allan even gives his recent experience shopping for a plumber… and from there, a 1-star idea is born. You would clone your customers (at least most of them), but how can you scale your business through word of mouth marketing? “Orchestrating and Stimulating Referrals” gets a chapter all to itself. Implementing the template will more than pay for your copy of Allan’s book. Kohl’s finds a way to set a hook in the Baldwin budget. Have you implemented a voucher into your marketing strategy? Patrick wasn’t expecting to find a derivative of The Pareto Principle (the 80/20 Rule) in Allan’s “marketing” book. There’s a lot more than marketing in this bestseller. High five for this week’s guest as he shares his take on entrepreneurship as a tool for social good. If you get to listen to 1% of this episode, then listen to the angel investor bit ;)  Co-Produced, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of Verbell.Ltd
  • The Boardroom Buzz Pest Control Podcast podcast

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  • The Boardroom Buzz Pest Control Podcast podcast

    Episode 67 — Fighting for Family Business with Bryan Dodge


    Guest Bryan Dodge kicks off the interview as the host as you’ll hear him interviewing Paul. Young Paul was an entrepreneur in the… farming industry?!? From Cornell to investment banking to private equity, Paul opens up about his world traveling backstory with Bryan.  It must be a prank when McGraw-Hill, one of the largest publishers in the world, calls you. It’s a good thing Bryan answered that call (twice) because he went on to write and publish The Good Life Rules in 2009. Shortly thereafter, Patrick received it as a gift, and you can say the rest is history. Although Bryan denies it, the book had an impact on Patrick’s life. It feels like today’s society requires formal education. It's a stark contrast as you'll hear about getting a job vs. making a fortune.  The Boardroom conversation turns to Bryan's more recent book, The Principles of an Unstoppable Family Business. Bryan shares how the faces are different but the problems are the same, including overpaying family members.  There are lots of nuggets in this interview. Take notes, and as you’ll hear, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t forget to pick up a free copy of one of Bryan’s books by emailing & cc: (Don’t forget to include your shipping address) Now, grab yourself a drink, give your grandkids a Red Bull, and send in your questions for Bryan’s Bonus Buzz. Co-Produced, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of Verbell.Ltd
  • The Boardroom Buzz Pest Control Podcast podcast

    Episode 66 — Private Equity: A Sign of the Times


    That’s a wrap on the Atlanta Sessions, but Paul is already heading back to Atlanta for a celebratory dinner. Congrats to Anticimex and Pestban! Patrick knows the emotions involved in selling a business. Imagine the feeling when your out-of-the-know acquirer calls the office line. There is more chatter about private equity. Is this a tell-tale sign of the bubble? What scenarios make sense for private equity to win deals? Can private equity pay as much as acquirers? Paul provides answers on why and why now. You can’t miss Paul citing his investment banking business mentor’s 2003 speech. Do you find yourself nodding to these signs of the times? Paul sheds light on anchoring in negotiation. Would a trained buyer ask “what do you want for the business”? Class is back in session as The Boardroom discussion turns to negotiation and NDAs. As a potential seller, is there a reason to sign an NDA if they want to see my numbers? Process control, emotions, the Dunning-Kruger effect, and more get unpacked in this episode. Co-Produced, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of Verbell.Ltd
  • The Boardroom Buzz Pest Control Podcast podcast

    Episode 65 — The Atlanta Sessions, Part 4: Anticimex North America President Brian Alexson


    Congratulations to Brian Alexson on his recent promotion at Anticimex (AX). Quicker than you can say SMART, Brian rose the ranks from reporting to Senator Scott Stevenson to the President of Anticimex North America. Stockholm-based Anticimex views North America as a new frontier. AX entered the US in 2016, and now sits at #8 on PCT's Top 100 list. With $1 billion in its sights, will AX provide coast-to-coast coverage like its North American counterparts? Brian has experience in janitorial, solar, and recycling. What can the pest control industry learn from Brian’s varied background? What prevents industry innovation? Jarl Dahlfors preached on the decentralized format at Anticimex in Episode 24. Let’s find out if there are exceptions to that rule. As an outsider looking in, it’s hard to find room for improvement at AX. What can Brian do to raise the bar with their high performing culture? Watch in 4K on YouTube, or tune in to hear Brian share his take on customer experience, communication, and leadership. Co-Produced, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of Verbell.Ltd
  • The Boardroom Buzz Pest Control Podcast podcast

    Episode 64 — The Atlanta Sessions, Part 3: Leadership Lessons with Andreas and Victoria Roos Olsson


    Andreas was first mentioned in Episode 23 via shared credit for Nomor’s turnaround alongside Svein Olav Stölen and Robert Stierngranat. It’s time to put the spotlight on former Nomor COO Andreas and his wife, Victoria. Victoria represents the world’s largest privately held leadership development organization, Franklin Covey. (Yes, as in Stephen Covey's The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Franklin Covey.) Victoria shares a lot of the lessons given in her Wall Street Journal bestseller, Everyone Deserves a Great Manager, a book she co-wrote with Scott Miller and Todd Davis. As an executive coach, author, and keynote speaker, Victoria is on a mission to help first level leaders. There is a wide gap between donning the title of leader and receiving proper leadership training. There are finance classes and degrees, for example, but where can you go to learn leadership? Often with a lot of chaos and a little planning, promotions are handed out to the best individual contributor. Is it possible to design and implement a formal training program? Strategy takes top priority for senior executives, but should leadership development take the front seat? Not only did Andreas dive into the unglamorous pest control industry, he landed in the middle of a wasp summer at the start of Nomor's turnaround. Undeterred from the bad season at a troubled business, Andreas injected his hospitality experience into the industry. Trust, determination, and pride were critical in the turnaround. What really stands out though is when Andreas shares the first commandment of leadership: Know thyself. It’s easy to throw stones at selling during a service call, but it’s hard to argue when you're adding value. That’s sales and service. With previous experience inside larger organizations, Andreas, Svein Olav, and Robert, built and refined incentives to create the winning culture. It’s a relief to hear that incentives can be refined through trial & error.   Senior executives underestimate the importance of being leadership coaches. Watch (or listen) as Victoria coaches Paul and Patrick throughout the interview. From formal feedback to employee engagement to adapting to change, you’ll find ample relevant advice throughout this Atlanta interview. Co-Produced, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of Verbell.Ltd
  • The Boardroom Buzz Pest Control Podcast podcast

    Episode 63 — The Atlanta Sessions, Part 2: Arrow Exterminators CEO Emily Thomas Kendrick & President Tim Pollard


    How did Arrow Exterminators grow into the $300 million family business it is today? Step into The Boardroom as Emily Thomas Kendrick takes us back to Arrow’s humble beginnings. What sounds like an episode of Breaking Bad, was just Emily’s PawPaw cooking up business greatness. Step back to hear Arrow’s family heritage, including Joe “Chief” Thomas taking the reins in the ‘70s and Emily’s rise to Chief Executive Officer. Hear how he now-Arrow President Tim Pollard found his way onto the Arrow team. The two have a long-standing history as “Sugar Booger” recalls their first meeting. The two strike a great balance, and Emily concedes to Tim’s operational prowess.  “Chief” gets credit for growth by division business model. Hear the irony of trying to stay small as you grow. With 2,736 teammates spread over 144 service centers in 11 states, its family culture on a massive scale that has led to Arrow’s success. It’s clear that hard work and results get rewarded at Arrow. In fact, they morphed their longstanding generic vision into spotlighting rockstars. What can be overlooked in such a large organization; the executive team emphasizes how decision making impacts the entire team. Family culture shines through as Emily and Tim describe former COO and President-to-be late Jeff Singley as a brother, son, and best friend. The conversation turns to M&A and integration. How does Arrow decide on geographic expansion? Paul asks about integrating new employees into the deliberate family culture. Sitting off-stage, Kevin Burns gets credit for setting the stage for smooth integration weeks before Emily and Tim arrive on the scene. It sounds like deliberate transparency takes center stage describing opportunities for new teammates. It's been rumored that Emily gives out her cell number while onboarding new teammates. Is it true? If so, does she regret it? How does Emily respond to representing women in pest control? It begs to discuss diversity in a male-dominated industry. Do Arrow’s teammates represent the cities they serve? Speaking of local, Emily and Tim share their new plan to give back to local charities. Co-Produced, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of Verbell.Ltd
  • The Boardroom Buzz Pest Control Podcast podcast

    Episode 62 — The Atlanta Sessions, Part 1: Mr. Mister’s Mosquito “Mad Man” Matt Brill


    What hatched as a Peugeot and an island dream, turned into the breeding grounds for the largest pure-play mosquito business, Mr. Mister. Evolving their client-technician relationship, Matt Brill and Ryan Claterbaugh, quickly qualified for PCT's Top 100 list. Matt sits down to share their recipe for success in the first Atlanta Session. As mosquito franchises swarm this industry, Mr. Mister progressed through its life cycle; it too considered the franchise route. What gave them the biggest bang for their buck? Was it "partnering" with Andrew Barrows while at EPS that helped them focus? What did Matt and Ryan decide to do with their "Pest Control for the People" business? Talk about commitment. Nothing says burning the ships like key swapping a BMW for a Tacoma. It was that same commitment to service that set Mr. Mister apart. Matt shares that they were a service company that chose to offer mosquito control. "Jesus Chicken" closes on Sundays, but not Mr. Mister with its same-day and next-day response. Adaptation was at the foundation of their management style. Hear how the right decision today may or may not be the right decision tomorrow. There was no time for stagnant thinking as this business emerged into a service industry powerhouse. While the yin-yang duo stayed in their own lanes, at times extra opinions drifted over. How did the two agree to keep commodity pricing at bay? From referrals to retention to review response, Matt gives practical advice based on their experience. Their 24/7 marketing coverage pays homage to Waffle House's patty melt. The duo wasn't harvesting yard signs, but their marketing efforts didn't go unnoticed. Before deciding on selling to Terminix, hear how Matt had extra fun with the yard signs as the time to sell approached. The two took a bite out of time theft as they adapted their pay plans. "Always staffing" goes to a whole new level when discussing backup techs for no shows. Itching to grow a mosquito business? Don't forget that Matt and Ryan found success in their countercyclical approach to the offseason. Co-Produced, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of Verbell.Ltd
  • The Boardroom Buzz Pest Control Podcast podcast

    Episode 61 — For Everything There is a Season: A Time to Sow, a Time to Reap


    Patrick and Paul have been busy during the break. Tune in to find out what they’ve been up to since the end of Season 1 and what's next for Season 2. The two look back at Project Black Bear. Behind the scenes of the process, Patrick was able to visit with Rentokil’s Alex Nigh and other potential acquirers. As a client, what does Patrick have to say about his first hand experience working with the Potomac team? The two debrief on the recent interview with Terminix CEO Brett Ponton in Waco. Since publishing the interview, Paul can’t count the times he’s been asked what his legitimate opinion is about the relatively new CEO. What is Paul’s take on the new CEO and the reestablished M&A team? Patrick learns that the lunch table conversation covered a lot more ground than Brett’s favorite color.  Speaking of Terminix’s M&A team, Andrew Klein made the trip to Waco for the closing dinner and employee announcement. Having sold his business to Terminix a couple years ago, what advice does “Moses” give on employee transition? Check it out at Also on, you can watch a clip of Paul and Patrick’s session with Arrow Exterminators’ CEO Emily Thomas Kendrick and President Tim Pollard about culture and scale. Co-Produced, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of Verbell.Ltd
  • The Boardroom Buzz Pest Control Podcast podcast

    Episode 60 — Terminix CEO Brett Ponton's Industry Media Debut Opens Season 2 of the Buzz


    Brett Ponton makes his first industry media appearance since taking over at Terminix. The Boardroom Buzz took the show on the road as Brett and Paul joined Patrick in Waco. Why Waco? Check out Episode 59. Brett has a storied history in the automotive industry. So what is it that steered him to Terminix? His experience with private equity and publicly traded companies fill his resume, but this stop is different. Patrick isn’t afraid to ask the easy questions such as, "How does leading an automotive store chain translate to the route-based service model at Terminix?" and "what signal are you sending by buying back stock?". Also, listen for how Brett responds when posed with a turnaround question. With less than a year under his belt, Brett is quick to invest in his team’s future success with investments such as Terminix Way and CxP. Opportunities abound, and he has the vision to put the tools in place to maximize his team’s capabilities. He sees today's investments paying off in employee retention and in-turn, customer lifetime value. Incentive structure and defining career paths are part of the discussion on ways to improve team member performance. From technology to staffing to franchisee relationships, Brett isn’t afraid to address where opportunity exists.  Paul’s experience with Terminix’s M&A model and team over the years is not left out of this sit-down. Brett is conscious of the psychology of the deal and brand reputation post-sale. Brett states the paradigm that exists between strengths and weaknesses. His management philosophy is clear as he discusses an inverted org chart style and responsibility for front-line team members. Hop over to to watch the interview. Co-Produced, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of Verbell.Ltd

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