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    Richard Bunting - Rewilding


    Richard Bunting works with Rewilding Britain and has over 30 years’ experience campaigning with NGOs such as Amnesty International, UNICEF, WHO, Trees for Life and the UN. Today, Richard discusses this concept of Rewilding, how this conservation method differs from others, and how its reach extends to not only animals and biodiversity, but also battling climate change, assisting farmers and food production and improving our overall health. Not only that, Richard discusses ongoing projects, the concept of predator introduction and the importance of biodiversity for creatures such as bees, beavers and many more. He also provides ways in which you can get involved or help out at home. For more information, check out your local Rewilding organistation, or go to for more links and ideas.
  • The Blunt Report podcast

    Total War: Destroying The American Buffalo


    Episode 1 in the Wildlife Series. We discuss the story of the Buffalo in America and how these great herds known once as the "Thunder on the Plains" with a population numbering 30-60 million, were deliberately and rapidly destroyed as a tool in the war against the Native Americans, to a number of only around 300.
  • The Blunt Report podcast

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  • The Blunt Report podcast

    Franck Marchis - Exoplanets


    Franck Marchis is a Planetary astronomer at the SETI Institute and the CSO at Unistellar. Franck starts the conversation today with some of the real time stats in the search for other worlds, such as numbers of planets and numbers of stars, that really shine a light on our place in the universe. He also discusses Astronomical research itself, and how things like citizen science can really bolster this pursuit. Lastly, Franck reflects on some of the philosophical and societal effects that looking to the stars really has.
  • The Blunt Report podcast

    Lewis Dartnell - Astrobiology


    Lewis Dartnell is an Astrobiologist, Presenter and Author. Today he discusses the series of contradictions that we have on the topic of life elsewhere. Life on Earth is somehow special, yet there is an abundance of Earth-like planets within our universe. Life is fragile, yet life always find a way. So In this conversation, Lewis discusses what is significant in Astrobiology, why it matters to us, its effects on society and ultimately what that means for humanity and for the future. For more information on Lewis, as well as his fantastic books, find him at
  • The Blunt Report podcast

    Other Worlds - Mars as the Abode of LIfe


    Episode 1 in the Other Worlds Series. We investigate humanities obsessive relationship with Mars, and subsequently, the idea of the martian. This tale follows how Mars played a role in the world's religions, the planet's involvement in the development of astronomy, and finally, the unfortunate tale of Percival Lowell and his "Martian Canals".
  • The Blunt Report podcast

    Tom Wong - Quantum Computing


    Tom is a Quantum Computing researcher and physicist, working at the intersection between physics and computer science. Today, he talks about this technology that could revolutionize the way we live life. He explains what quantum computing Is, from how it operationally differs from classical computing, to how it is actually an entirely different way of computing and should be treated as such. Tom also discusses some of the real world benefits and concerns about this technology. Particularly, how quantum computing could drastically advance our pursuit of higher tech medicines and vaccines, but also the potential vulnerability of our current information if we don’t prepare for a quantum computing world now.
  • The Blunt Report podcast

    George Musser - Quantum Entanglement


    George Musser is a contributor to the Scientific American, an author and science communicator. Today, he talks about one of the most unexplained parts of the quantum world, known as quantum entanglement, or as was coined by Einstein, spooky action at a distance. George gives us a clear and easy to grasp explanation of what spooky action at a distance is, also discussing why it is that quantum physics is just so hard to explain compared to other areas of science. Lastly, the conversation covers some of the philosophy behind this quantum world, why its actually not that strange, and why unlearning things in science can often be just as important as learning them. Books can be found here:
  • The Blunt Report podcast

    The Father of Quantum Mechanics - Niels Bohr: Escape from Copenhagen


    Episode 1 in the Quantum Series. We follow the story of Niels Bohr, a Jewish born physicist and one of the Fathers of Quantum Mechanics, during the invasion of the Nazi’s to his home nation of Denmark. Bohr’s escape is an incredible tale, ending in his eventual involvement in the nuclear weapons program that arguably changed the face of humanity.
  • The Blunt Report podcast

    Meeta Singh - Sleep for Athletic Performance


    Meeta Singh is a Physician who applies Sleep Science to enhance physical and mental performance, assisting athletes within the NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB. Today, Meeta discusses how and why sleep is such an important tool for high level performance, and that improving the one-third of our life that we spend asleep really can give us the extra percentage points over competitors. We also discuss the specific roadblocks athletes come up against in terms of sleep, such as early morning training times, competing in different time zones and the sheer pressure and stress they are under. Lastly, although it is obvious to a lot of us the importance of physical recovery and sleep, Meeta lays down why sleep is crucial for athletes learning new techniques or even its ability to create the correct winners mindset.
  • The Blunt Report podcast

    David Cunnington - Specialist Sleep Physician


    David Cunnington is a Specialist Sleep Physician, diagnosing and treating sleep disorders out of his clinic in Melbourne, as well as via his podcast, Sleep Hub. Today, David discusses with me the strange cultural hangups we have about sleep, such as it being associated with weakness, when in reality it is one of the ultimate pillars to physical and mental well-being. We also discuss some of the research and methods behind a good nights sleep, as well as the lingering myths purported by wellness sights or bloggers, and how we circumvent these as a population.

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