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The Austin Approach

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

The Austin Approach is the official podcast of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, giving listeners a look into all things AUS, featuring interviews with airport staff, news and updates from around the campus, and insider stories about airport life. Co-hosted by members of the airport’s Performance Management and Public Information teams, new episodes are released twice a month.

17 Episodes

  • The Austin Approach podcast

    The Return of an Old AUS Friend


    It's the middle of one of the busiest times of the year at AUS! On this episode we share a very exciting new air service announcement, Michelle talks about AUS after dark, and with fall festivals and races happening, the hosts sit down with a member of the airport's landside access team to talk all things ground transportation.   The link to the episode of "From the Runway Up" recorded with our friends at RDU and TYS can be found online here: 
  • The Austin Approach podcast

    The Austin Approach has to visit HR!


    On this slightly delayed (editor's note: Sorry!) episode of The Austin Approach, the hosts sit down with Dale Hall from the AUS Human Resources team to talk a little bit about his job, as well as his love of aviation. We also find out if Bryce managed to make it on his trip to Seattle, and learn about a unique new air service arriving in Austin soon!
  • The Austin Approach podcast

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  • The Austin Approach podcast

    Let there be rock! And R&B! And country!


    When you're the airport for "The Live Music Capital of the World" you've got no choice but to have a world-class live music program in your terminal! On this episode of The Austin Approach, we sit down the Michael Pennock, the AUS Music Program Coordinator, to learn about how he keeps music in the air - even during a pandemic. Plus concession updates, returning air service, and a cliffhanger?   *Editor's note: on this episode, Bryce mistakenly and embarrassingly calls the squid painted on the side of ToyJoy an "octopus". We regret the error.
  • The Austin Approach podcast

    OK, who remembers where we parked?


    This episode covers a LOT! We're talking the best flavor of Amy's Ice Cream, employment opportunities at the airport, and a little thing called the Airport Expansion Development Program. Plus Marshall Lamm joins the hosts of The Austin Approach to talk all things parking related at AUS.
  • The Austin Approach podcast

    Putting the "Art" in Department of Aviation!


    On this episode of The Austin Approach, we sit down with Cory Hurless, the AUS Program Manager for Art, Music, and Graphics, to learn more about some of the ways she and her team help bring together arts and aviation at the airport. Plus updates on a few of the airport's concessions, and exciting air service news!
  • The Austin Approach podcast

    "If something gross happens at the airport, we want to put some of it in a jar..."


    It's the TENTH episode of the Austin Approach! On this episode, Michelle explains a little more about what she does when she's not hosting podcasts, specifically in her role as the airport's Performance Management Program Manager. Plus we sit down with Kingsley Coppinger, a member of the AUS Environmental Affairs team, to discuss some of the work he does to help protect Austin's natural resources.
  • The Austin Approach podcast

    110 years of Austin aviation history in 38 minutes!


    On this episode of The Austin Approach, we take a look back at the history of aviation in Austin, from the very first airplane that ever landed in the city, to the transition of an Air Force base to the airport we know today. Our very special guest is Scott Madole, who served as the final wing commander for Bergstrom Air Force Base, and is current member of the AUS Airport Advisory Commission.
  • The Austin Approach podcast

    Planning for the summer... and the future!


    With passenger numbers starting to recover, it's getting busy at AUS! On this episode, we're talking about what you need to know for summer travel, a new air service announcement, plus we sit down with Jill Goodman, airport's Strategic Planning Manager to learn about how her team helps shape the future of AUS.
  • The Austin Approach podcast

    What's the most frequently asked question at the information desk?


    On this episode of The Austin Approach, we're still thinking that we should have jumped on that first flight to Hawaii! Meanwhile on the concessions front, an old Austin favorite returns to the terminal, and a new store gives travelers a taste of ATX. We're also joined by Jennifer McFarlin, a supervisor with the AUS Guest Services Team, to learn more about how they help make the airport accessible to all.
  • The Austin Approach podcast

    A new way to navigate AUS, and cookies!


    Did you know that airport cakes are a big deal? And what new island air service is coming to AUS? All that, plus Mandy McClendon, the AUS Public Information and Marketing Manager stops by to talk about a new way to navigate the terminal, on this episode of The Austin Approach!

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