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103. 150 Years of Obamacare

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Josh (@DrJIsrael) and Brian (@bchiglinsky) are joined by Daniel Dawes (@DanielEDawes), the Director of the Satcher Health Leadership Institute at Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta. He is a professor of health law, policy and management and author. They discuss the long and challenging history of efforts in America to promote equity in health care and why it’s so important to have good data to make meaningful improvements to health inequity

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    115. The Future of Medicare with Dr. Rick Gilfillan


    Co-host Brian (@chiglinsky) is joined by Dr. Farzad Mostashari (@Farzad_MD), CEO and co-founder of Aledade, and Dr. Richard Gilfillan, former Deputy Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and Director of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation from 2010 to 2013, for a special episode of The ACO Show. They discuss the future of Medicare and Dr. Gilfillan’s recent co-authored, two-part piece in Health Affairs, “Medicare Advantage, Direct Contracting, And The Medicare ‘Money Machine’.”   
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    114. The Value of Medicaid


    Josh (@DrJIsrael) and Brian (@chiglinsky) discuss the value of Medicaid now and in the future with Chelsea Graves Aledade’s Director of Medicaid Network, and Mohamed Arif, Aledade’s Director of Medicaid Strategy. 
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    113. Medicare Innovation Center’s Future Vision On Health Equity


    Josh (@DrJIsrael) and Kisha (@kdavis) discuss the Medicare Innovation Center’s white paper on their vision for health equity over the next 10 years.
  • The ACO Show podcast

    112. CMMI’s 10 Year Vision


    Josh (@DrJIsrael) is joined by Travis Broome (@Travis_Broome) Sean Cavanaugh (@dc_cavanaugh), and Farzad Mostashari (@Farzad_MD). Together, they delve into the five strategic objectives (available below) released in CMMI’s recent white paper on their vision for the next 10 years. 1. Drive Accountable Care 2. Advance Health Equity 3. Support Care Innovations 4. Improve access by addressing affordability 5. Partner to achieve systemic transformation
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    111. Commercial Insurance


    Josh (@DrJIsrael) and Brian (@chiglinsky) are joined by Jennifer Heffernan, Director of Commercial Payer Performance at Aledade (@AledadeACO). They discuss the difference between Medicare, Medicaid and commercial payers and how Aledade works with commercial payers. They also talk about the benefits both patients and commercial payers experience when joining an ACO.
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    110. Medicare Advantage


    Josh (@DrJIsrael) is joined by Mike Stanzione, Director of Medicare Advantage @AledadeACO. They discuss the differences between “Traditional” Medicare and Medicare Advantage (including additional benefits offered through Medicare Advantage), some controversies about Medicare Advantage and how Aledade is bringing valued based care to patients in the Medicare Advantage program.
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    109. Medicaid In North Carolina


    Josh (@DrJIsrael) is joined by Mandy Cohen (@SecMandyCohen), Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. They discuss the state of the COVID-19 pandemic in North Carolina, ongoing Medicaid pilots to improve healthcare in the state, and how and why North Carolina continues to be a leader in healthcare innovation.
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    108. Healthy For The Holidays


    Josh (@DrJIsrael) is joined by Samantha Rosenthal, Manager in New Ventures at Aledade, and Jessica Edwards, Senior Market Manager at Aledade. Together, they discuss “Healthy For The Holidays”, an Aledade initiative to remind patients about their practice’s hours during the holiday season and alternative ways to contact them should they need to speak to their provider. 
  • The ACO Show podcast

    107. 2020 Results - How Did Aledade Do?


    Josh (@DrJIsrael) is joined by Ahmed Haque (@aehaque), Chief Performance Officer at Aledade, Nadine Robin, Market President of Aledade Louisiana, and Dr. Gregory Riggs of Lafayette Internal Medicine Clinic in Lafayette, Louisiana. Together, they discuss the incredible savings achieved by Aledade and practices, despite a year of turmoil.
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    106. Value Based Care with Rahul Rajkumar


    Josh (@DrJIsrael) is joined by Rahul Rajkumar (@RahulRajkumar11), Chief Operating Officer at Optum Care Solutions. Dr. Rajkumar shared insights on the difference between designing healthcare models and implementing them at different payers and more about his work at Optum Care Solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare.

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