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Camping with a Crispy Soul: Avery

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Avery spent some time with us talking about her experiences hiking and camping. She was probably hoping to get some tips and tricks (I'm not very good at that though)

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  • The 12 Hike Podcast podcast

    Fishing for Carp with Patrick and Al


    Patrick and Al have both been on the podcast and are avid anglers. Al has mostly fished for bass but recently has taken an interest in multi-species angling, including carp. Patrick has been a long time admirer of carp and I thought it would be a good idea to get these two together and have a discussion about one of the most under appreciated fish in the water.
  • The 12 Hike Podcast podcast

    The Third Man (12 Hike Halloween 2021)


    Our first Halloween episode of 2021 focuses on a strange phenomenon experienced by those of us that push our bodies to the absolute limits.
  • The 12 Hike Podcast podcast

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  • The 12 Hike Podcast podcast

    Mountain Men and Fur Trapping with Jeremy from Wyoming State Museum


    Everyone has this vision in their mind of a mountain man. This rugged individual who can live damn near anywhere as long as he can catch some sort of wild game. The old man covered in bear furs and only comes to the rendezvous. Jeremy sat down with us to dispel some of those stereotypes and give us the real run down on Mountain Men.
  • The 12 Hike Podcast podcast

    Papa Bear Hikes


    Martin is an avid outdoorsman and loves sharing his passion with anyone that will listen. After some persuasion from his wife, he decided to start a podcast called Papa Bear Hikes. He pumps out multiple episodes a week and has on an amazing array of guests. Check him out on Spotify, iTunes or any other major platform.
  • The 12 Hike Podcast podcast

    American Trails with Mike, Taylor and Candace


    American Trails is a national, nonprofit organization working on behalf of all trail interests. Our website,, is one of the world's largest online resources for trails and greenways. We support local, regional, and long-distance trails and greenways, whether they be in backcountry, rural, or urban areas. Our goal is to support America's trails by finding common ground and promoting cooperation among all trail interests. Since our formation in 1988 we've been involved in everything from training trails advocates to increasing accessible trail opportunities for persons with disabilities.
  • The 12 Hike Podcast podcast

    Bass Fishing with Brandon Moon


    Brandon followed us on Instagram and said if we ever needed a guest he'd love to come on. Well, be careful what you wish for...
  • The 12 Hike Podcast podcast

    GoWild App with creator Brad Luttrell


    Brad needed information about deer hunting in Kentucky but was having a hard time getting information from the standard social media platforms. So he decided to take matters into his own hands and create an app and social media platform just for outdoor minded people. GoWild is a place where outdoor enthusiast can share information, stories and success without fear of having posts removed (like you see in other social media platforms).
  • The 12 Hike Podcast podcast

    Working Class Fishing: Brian and Jon


    Brian and Jon got together on Instagram and began a friendship centered around fishing. They quickly realized they had a lot in common and decided, to hell with it, lets start a fishing podcast. And just like that, The Working Class Fishing Podcast was born. They are breaking down barriers and giving people information as well as encouragement to get out there and wet a line.
  • The 12 Hike Podcast podcast

    Micro Fishing and Life Listing with Extreme Philly Fishing


    Leo is a unique individual. From his humble beginnings through his extensive college education one thing has always stood out. He loves to fish. We mean LOVES it. He started his own YouTube channel as a way to educate others and it has turned into a full time job. Join us as we talk about life listing, microfishing and a whole host of other fishing topics
  • The 12 Hike Podcast podcast

    Fat Guy in a Little Boat with Zach and Sean Talking about stuff!


    Sean and I hadn’t talked for a little while. We decided to catch up on things and discuss some topics that have been on our mind. This is completely unedited because I’m on vacation and away from the studio. We’ll be back next week with a regular episode for you!

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