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Traditional Chinese Medicine is an ancient practice making waves in the modern health era. Addressing mind, body and soul as one unit, TCM aims to connect the human with the being on multiple levels. Health shouldn’t be elusive, or inaccessible; a notion that this ancient practice adheres to. Our products at Your Tea are merely a stepping-stone to this brilliant wellness modality – hence we are here to honour and discover the intricacies of revered Traditional Chinese Medicine. In our Podcast, we discuss the Chinese Medicine approach and interpretation of health, what it means and how TCM endeavours to achieve it. From Endometriosis to Digestion, Qi to Shen, PCOS to Menopause, eating to movement and mind to soul.

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  • TCM Honoured by Your Tea podcast

    20: Endometriosis Explained, with TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain


    Endometriosis - do you have it? Or do you know someone who does? This episode is for you. Once again we called on TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain to explain endometriosis from a TCM perspective. Lauren explains, in depth, how each case of endometriosis can be unique and how the symptoms that you experience, may not be the same as your friend who struggles with it too. Each case is unique and for some, there may even be a link between unexplained infertility and “silent endometriosis. During this episode we also discuss: laparoscopies - what are they, should you get one and how are they viewed from a TCM perspective? the relationship between gut health and endometriosis. inflammatory triggers and how your diet can either fuel or help relieve endometriosis.Tune in to discover many empowering and easy adjustments you can implement to your lifestyle, in order to better manage endometriosis - from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective.
  • TCM Honoured by Your Tea podcast

    19: PCOS Discussed: East Vs West, with TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain


    PCOS impacts many women around the world; for this reason we called on TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain to define PCOS from an eastern and western perspective. In this episode, Lauren outlines the varying patterns of PCOS and she also covers how many women may experience PCO, rather than PCOS. Didn’t realise there was a difference? We discuss how to determine which case you may have. Also discussed in this episode is: > the role dampness has to play in regards to PCOS> key contributing factors that may be aggravating your PCOS > how diet can impact PCOS We wrapped up the episode with a discussion on why so many women are being diagnosed with PCOS (from Lauren’s perspective) and whether or not PCOS will stay with you for life. Enjoy this episode of TCM Honoured, by Your Tea and reach out to us if you have any questions!
  • TCM Honoured by Your Tea podcast

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  • TCM Honoured by Your Tea podcast

    18: The Relationship Between a Menstrual Cycle and the Digestive System, with TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain


    Are you aware of the undeniable connection between digestive health and the menstrual cycle? In this episode, TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain unpacks this relationship and explains how the quality of our menstrual cycle is highly dependent on our ability to digest foods. A few points of discussion throughout this episode are: common gut issues that may correlate with certain menstrual issues such as:* absorption + cycle length* the flow of menstrual blood + digestion the link between excess cervical fluid (or none at all) and the digestive system. how a compromised gut may be causing your PMS the importance of gut health in regards to fertility how changing your diet throughout the four phases of the menstrual cycle, can be beneficial to your overall well being. Enjoy this episode and don’t forget to let us know what you think by subscribing and leaving a review.
  • TCM Honoured by Your Tea podcast

    17: Food as Medicine for the Menstrual Cycle, with TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain


    Are you following the same diet throughout your entire menstrual cycle and left wondering why your appetite seems to fluctuate throughout? Perhaps you experience sugar cravings and inflammation prior to your period alongside this change in appetite. We invite TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain back to the podcast to explore the concept of food as medicine for the menstrual cycle and why it is crucial to eat in sync with the four phases of the menstrual cycle. Implementing simple, positive changes to your diet and gaining knowledge about foods that are beneficial to the menstrual cycle can have a huge impact on the quality of your period and overall health. Listen in to discover a range of foods that you can introduce to cultivate a healthier menstrual cycle. 
  • TCM Honoured by Your Tea podcast

    16: Ovulation: A Main Event of the Menstrual Cycle, with TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain


    From a TCM perspective, there is a significant relationship between ovulation and the period; are you aware of how one influences and dictates the other? Knowing whether or not you are ovulating regularly as well as understanding the ideal time of the cycle to be ovulating, is key to fostering a healthy and regular period. We once again called on the knowledge of TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain to discuss how diet and stress (hugely) impact ovulation, as well as other topics of conversation such as the organs that govern and nourish ovulation. Learn how to best nurture your ovulation by tuning in to this episode.
  • TCM Honoured by Your Tea podcast

    15: Signs of a Healthy Menstrual Cycle, with TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain


    Blood, cervical fluid and hormonal changes. In this episode we invite TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain to discuss the essentials for a healthy menstrual cycle, from a Chinese Medicine perspective. We dive into the four phases of the menstrual cycle and focus on how the period is considered the fifth vital sign for a female. Blood flow, colour and the amount of days bleeding are all elements you should be observing, as well as the different types of cervical fluid throughout the menstrual cycle. Exactly what should your blood and cervical fluid look like and what is happening with your hormones? Tune in to find out more..
  • TCM Honoured by Your Tea podcast

    14: Raw Vs Cooked Food Debate, with TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain


    In this episode, TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain explains the ideal situation for a healthy gut and why raw foods may be damaging to a compromised digestive system. In this episode we also cover: why you may feel more anxious or tired when consuming raw foods. why so many people perceive raw foods as “healthy”. the fact that enzymes in raw foods won’t be absorbed by your body if your gut is compromised. how food is seen as medicine from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective. And .. we even touch on the ‘celery juice trend’ and how this is perceived from a TCM perspective. So, do raw foods work for you? Tune in to find out ..
  • TCM Honoured by Your Tea podcast

    13: The Dilapidated Digestive System, with TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain


    “The digestive system:- what is it? - how does it function? - what importance does it hold? And does the food we eat actually matter? From a TCM perspective, the gut is the epicentre of our body. It holds immense importance - so much so that we decided to create an episode dedicated to this system. We invited TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain back on the podcast to explain this system in great detail. On this episode we discussed: > Butterflies and bloating - did you know there is a connection between our emotions and the gut? > Exercise; how overdoing it or not moving at all may be compromising your digestive system. > How your inherent constitution may affect your gut health. Perhaps you’re prone to sweating? Or cold extremities? These patterns are unique and of course, connected to the digestive system. There is no one size fits all when it comes to gut health. Oh and did you know that the digestive system is akin to a pot on a stove? Sound intriguing? Tune in to find out more.
  • TCM Honoured by Your Tea podcast

    12: The Five Elements Part 05: Wood, with TCM Dr. Lee Smith


    This episode is the final part of the Five Elements Series. Do you often experience anger, crave sour tastes or seem prone to shouting lots? Then perhaps learning more about the wood element would be helpful. In this episode, we welcome back the expertise of TCM Dr Lee Smith to educate us on this element and what its correlation with characteristics such as those mentioned above, and its connection to the liver and gallbladder, actually means. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this episode and whether learning about the five elements has been helpful for you!
  • TCM Honoured by Your Tea podcast

    11: The Five Elements Part 04: Water, with TCM Dr. Lee Smith


    Water - the element correlating to fearful emotions, the kidneys, the taste of salty foods and a putrid scent. From the perspective of TCM Dr. Lee Smith, a person who experiences these characteristics may identify with the water element. Knowing the characteristics of the water element may be helpful in identifying which foods, emotions, colours and surroundings could be beneficial for your health. Lee describes a ‘water’ person as wise, reflective, flexible and one that prefers isolation.Listen to TCM Dr Lee Smith explain the water element in more depth throughout this episode.

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