TBH: To Be His podcast

TBH: To Be His

TBH: To Be His

Welcome to the To be His podcast, a no filter safe space where we focus on His Word and Our truth. From fun candid chat to topics often swept under the rug, we will address it all. Your hosts will be Symone (@liora_symone) Uchizi (@uchxzi_m) and Chantelle (@chancass_). Check out our Instagram and Twitter: @tobehispodcast Email: tobehispodcast@gmail.com _

17 Episodes

  • TBH: To Be His podcast

    S3 EP2. Healing


    In this episode, we are joined by special guest Deborah, where we discuss the importance of healing from mental and spiritual trauma, Christian myths we had to unlearn and how we encourage others - as well as ourselves - to seek God in times of trouble TW: Suicide 
  • TBH: To Be His podcast

    S3 EP1. Catch up and Get to know us!


    We are finally back! In this weeks episode, we discuss life after exams, the world issues of today and have fun answering a question thread that will help you get to know us a little bit more! We hope you're all having an amazing summer may God bless you!
  • TBH: To Be His podcast

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  • TBH: To Be His podcast

    S2 EP 7. Misogynoir


    In our final episode of the season, we tackle misogynoir, the intersection between racism and sexism. Join us as we discuss the troubles that black women face in our day to day, from celebrities like Serena Williams, to our own personal struggles and experiences
  • TBH: To Be His podcast

    S2 EP 6. Valentines Special: Singleness


    In this weeks episode, we discuss finding our confidence within our season of singleness, the toxicity of the UK dating scene and how self love rooted in God's love for us is the foundation of all relationships 
  • TBH: To Be His podcast

    S2 EP 5. Reaffirming your identity in Christ


    In this weeks episode, we discuss what it is like to walk in your identity, confidence vs Godfidence and what practical steps are needed to live a life of freedom and being your true self.
  • TBH: To Be His podcast

    S2 EP 4. Do women have to submit to serve God? Ft. Let God Podcast


    In this week's episode we are joined by the amazing ladies at Let God Podcast as we discuss women and submission both in a Societal and Christian context.
  • TBH: To Be His podcast

    S2 EP3. The End Times: Doomsday and Destruction or Revelrous Rapture?


    In this week's episode, we discuss the fears and concerns we often have when thinking about the End Times, the many conspiracies that have been created over the years and how we can stay prepped and joyous for the Lord's Second Coming. 
  • TBH: To Be His podcast

    S2 EP 2 Gossip


    On today's episode we discuss why we think Gossip culture is such a big part of our generation, how we've often felt it occurs within both the Christian and African community and how difficult it can be to avoid. 
  • TBH: To Be His podcast

    How are you REALLY doing?


    Hey guys! Season 2 has arrived! We're back and better with fresh new content for you all filled with endless debates, fun and laughter! As we are all in a period of our lives where things are incredibly uncertain, we just want to remind you that you are loved. God bless you all & enjoy  In this weeks episode, we discuss the impact lockdown has had on our university experience, our personal relationships with God and our goals for the coming year! 
  • TBH: To Be His podcast

    S1 EP 7. Our Testimonies


    In our Season Finale, each of us give our testimonies about our personal journeys with Christ & share our joys as well as the challenges that we have faced along the way! We also include YOU by answering all of the special questions that you have all sent in.

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