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  • Tasty Tidbits podcast

    Human Trafficking: What You Didn‘t Know.


    Join Dr. Watkins as she interviews Stephanie Olson on Human Trafficking.  Some of the information in this episode covers those at risk for human trafficking, what human trafficking looks like, steps we can take to safeguard our youth from being trafficked, protecting our children from the dangers of exploitation on social media, and so much more.   Links to reach Stephanie Olson:  https://www.setmefreeproject.net/   https://www.facebook.com/setmefreeproject https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephanie-olson-ba959173/ https://www.instagram.com/setmefreeproject/ https://twitter.com/TheSMFProject  
  • Tasty Tidbits podcast

    Sitting with God: A Journey To Your True Self Through Centering Prayer


    Join Dr. Watkins as she interviews Rich Lewis on his book "Sitting With God: A Journey To Your True Self Through Centering Prayer.  In this episode you will learn more about your true self, what centering prayer is, and how to begin centering prayer. 
  • Tasty Tidbits podcast

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  • Tasty Tidbits podcast

    Prayer and Supernatural Insight


    On this episode, join Dr. Watkins and Pastor Msimango as they discuss the secrets to receiving supernatural insight through prayer. The Holy Spirit of God reveals everything you need to know.
  • Tasty Tidbits podcast

    Reasons to Fall in Love With Prayer!


    Join Dr. Watkins and Pastor Msimango as they discuss reasons to fall in love with prayer, the importance of prayer, and reasons why some prayers aren't answered.  
  • Tasty Tidbits podcast

    Leading with Kingdom Purpose


    In this episode Dr. Watkins and Archbishop Clark discuss the things that make for unsuccessful leadership and why there seems to be so many leaders but no followers.  They also discuss our purpose for leading and operating in the Kingdom of God.      
  • Tasty Tidbits podcast

    Moving Forward In Spite of Setbacks


    All of us have experienced some type of setback at one time or another.  On this episode, Dr. Watkins and Archbishop Clark discuss ways a setback can affect a person, the reason some give up after a set back and tips on how to deal with those setbacks.
  • Tasty Tidbits podcast

    "The Kings Daughter"


    Join Elder Nicole Davis  in this episode as we discuss our role as the King's Daughter.
  • Tasty Tidbits podcast

    Balancing Prayer, Life, and Ministry


    In this Episode, Dr. Watkins interviews Elder Nicole Davis on how to have a balanced life.  Listen in and find out tips on how you can maintain balance in your life.  
  • Tasty Tidbits podcast

    It's A Girl Thing!


    Dr. Watkins interviews Minister Serita Acker regarding her book "It's A Girl Thing" which encourages girls to pursue math, science, and engineering!
  • Tasty Tidbits podcast

    Believing, Thinking and Speaking Kingdom Promises!


    In this episode, Dr. Watkins interviews Minister Serita Acker on the importance of believing, thinking and speaking the word of God.  When you speak God's word over your situation you will begin to see noticeable change in your life!

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