Tales from the Rack podcast

Tales from the Rack

The Icebox Radio Theater

All the best science fiction, fantasy and tales of the fantastic from the Icebox Radio Theater.

37 Episodes

  • Tales from the Rack podcast

    Trailer: Tales from the Rack


    A sneak peak into the Icebox Radio Theater's anthology series of science fiction and fantasy.
  • Tales from the Rack podcast

    'Danger: North! Escape from Earth' preview


    A little taste of what's coming up from the Icebox Radio Theater. It's 'Danger: North! Escape from Earth!" a seven-part serial in the style of Old Time Radio with adventure! Romance! Danger! and Sasquatches on snowmobiles!Nell and Dean, two kids on the run from alien invaders (among other things) are holed-up in a cabin alongside a frozen Minnesota lake when suddenly, Danger! Bounty hunting bigfoots zoom in to try and capture our plucky pair. Can they fight them off? Listen to this preview to find out.Starting December 26th, enjoy one new chapter every day until the story wraps up on New Year's Day. Available on the 'Tales from the Rack' podcast feed and on YouTube.
  • Tales from the Rack podcast

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  • Tales from the Rack podcast

    Student Body; Tales from the Rack


    An OTR recreation of a classic X-Minus One episode, recorded live during our Bundled UP Fest in 2014.
  • Tales from the Rack podcast

    Dogwatch; Tales from the Rack


    In a tiny village in Northern Minnesota, dogs run free of leash laws. But when their pack leader disappears they have to become detectives to solve the mystery. Originally recorded in 2007 in Int'l Falls, Minnesota. Story copyright 2006 by Mary Casanova. Learn more about her work at https://www.marycasanova.com.
  • Tales from the Rack podcast

    Becky; Tales from the Rack


    From author Craig Finseth, when the Oracle of Delphi turns up in the woods outside a small, Northern Minnesota town, all kinds of things happen. Originally recorded May 2013 in International Falls, Minnesota.
  • Tales from the Rack podcast

    The Prisoner; Imagination-X


    An elegant tale of a prisoner reaching out in eloquent desperation…WITH A TWIST!! A young Rachel Malasig stars.
  • Tales from the Rack podcast

    Box Love; Imagination-X


    From Imagination-X, in a future of artificial intelligence, romance is still the key. Starring Jeffrey Adams and the ‘speakable items’ feature in an old Mac.
  • Tales from the Rack podcast

    Hicks; Tales from the Rack


    From the lighter side of Imagination-X, a story of three Sons of the Soil and a very, very bad day of fishing down by the ole mill stream. From 2003.
  • Tales from the Rack podcast

    Distance; Imagination-X


    From the archive of Imagination-X, a tale of deep space and A.I. at it's worst.
  • Tales from the Rack podcast

    The CONvergence; Imagination-X


    Winner of the Gold Mark Time Award in 2004, The CONvergence is the story of how a sci fi convention saved the world. Starring David Ian and Jeffrey Adams

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