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Amanda Catarzi - cult kid who was sex trafficked until a canadian in a cadillac changed her life

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Amanda Catarzi is an energetic thriver.
Raised by circus parents who joined a cult, Amanda and her brother were severely sheltered from outside influence.
Where most humans would wallow or crumble, Catarzi survived and chose to thrive.

Hear about what it means to trade your body so you can eat, what religion means to her now and how a canadian in a cadillac accidentally knocked sense into her.

She openly shares her childhood of being raised by performers who joined a strict cult, how she left and why the act of being in a grocery store alone for the first time was too much too handle.

Catarzi was sex and labor trafficked as a young adult, she went on to work undercover for government agencies and even assisted in writing federal legislation.
Her current work is running a content and strategy agency.
Instagram: Amanda Catarzi

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