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#37: Jon Nelson – DBS for Depression saved my life: Defying Stigma in Mental Health

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In this compelling episode we delve into the inspiring story of Jon Nelson, a remarkable individual who has braved the depths of mental illness and emerged as a beacon of resilience and hope. In a heartfelt conversation with Jon, he shares his lived experience with DBS device as a transformative treatment for mental illness.

Against the backdrop of prevailing stigma surrounding mental health, Jon's journey unfolds as he not only navigates the challenges of his condition but also becomes an ardent advocate for change. Through Jon's experiences and storytelling, we hope to provide a perspective on the power of DBS in addressing mental health issues and breaking down societal barriers.

Tune in as we explore Jon's commitment to dispelling stigma, his unwavering determination to share his insights, and his profound impact on raising awareness about the potential of DBS in treating mental health disorders. This episode challenges preconceptions, celebrates triumphs, and sheds light on the extraordinary synergy between personal experiences and scientific advancements.

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