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#35: Mark Richardson – Surfing the Frontiers of Functional Neurosurgery: From Brain Modulation to Patient Engagement

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In this episode, we interviewed Dr. Mark Richardson, an expert in functional neurosurgery and the Director of the Brain Modulation Lab at MGH Neurosurgery. He shared insights into his career and the lab's focus on improving surgical treatments for epilepsy, movement disorders, and psychiatric diseases through a systems neuroscience approach. We discussed closed-loop deep brain stimulation in epilepsy, incision-less approaches like FUS and LITT, and the role of different nuclei in generalized epilepsy. We also explored speech and language research, therapeutic applications of DBS, olfaction studies, and patient engagement in research trials. Join us to discover the frontiers of neurosurgery and the groundbreaking work of the Brain Modulation Lab.

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