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Spiritually Hungry

Monica and Michael Berg

Don’t miss this thought-provoking podcast series with authors Monica and Michael Berg. Together, they’ll answer your most pressing questions, offering sage advice for the modern world. Self-proclaimed Change Junkie, Monica Berg is an author and teacher who lectures internationally. Michael Berg is a rabbi and Aramaic scholar who has published almost 20 books on the teachings of Kabbalah. This husband and wife team has been sharing kabbalistic wisdom and relationship expertise with students for decades. Join them for a down-to-earth conversation about the big life questions that spark your curiosity the most.

64 Episodes

  • Spiritually Hungry podcast

    64. Living Your Truth: How to Be True to Your Authentic Self


    What is ‘truth’? Most of the truths we believe are usually derived from our personal experiences and perceptions – so are they really true? Does ‘absolute truth’ even exist? Listen as Monica and Michael share how we can always ‘live our truth’ by letting go of the ego-based illusions the world hurls at us and, instead, reveal our potential by behaving in accordance with our soul in deep authenticity.  In our world, truth is concealed by veils – our work is to pierce through these veils. – Michael Berg Further readings: Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
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    63. Kindness or Deception: What kind of lies do you tell?


    Kindness or Deception: What Kinds of Lies Do You Tell? We all tell lies. Sometimes to others. Sometimes even to ourselves. Sometimes to protect someone else’s feelings, or to make ourselves feel better. When is lying considered a kindness, and when is it considered a deception? Tune in as Monica and Michael discuss the profound impact of the lies we tell, why kindness trumps truth, and how not all lies are created equal.  We have to ask ourselves if the lies we tell, whether to others or ourselves, actually make our reality better. – Michael Berg Further readings: The Lies that We Tell Ourselves by Jon Frederickson
  • Spiritually Hungry podcast

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  • Spiritually Hungry podcast

    62. Your Perfect Imperfection: How to Embrace & Celebrate Your Flaws


    Your Perfect Imperfection: How to Embrace & Celebrate Your Flaws Though we tend to think of our imperfections in a negative light – often as a result of external influences – they are actually part of what makes each of us unique and whole. Join Monica and Michael as they discuss where our thoughts of imperfection come from, why we are not meant to be perfect but instead constantly driven to be better, and how viewing our supposed ‘flaws’ in a positive way honors our soul and lights the path to true fulfillment. Our differences are really our superpowers. – Monica BergFurther readings: The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene BrownPlaying and Reality by Donald Winnicott
  • Spiritually Hungry podcast

    61. The True You: How to Reach Your Potential Through Self-Assessment


    Change and growth are the keys to reaching our potential in life, and we can achieve this transformation through a process of constant self-assessment. Tune in as Monica and Michael explore how we can use consistent, deep, and honest introspection as a powerful tool for ditching negative thoughts and behaviors and revealing the immense greatness of our soul.  The person that I am today, despite all of the good things I’ve done, is not the person I am meant to be. – Michael Berg Further readings: Path of the Righteous by Moshe Chaim Luzzato
  • Spiritually Hungry podcast

    60. Love More, Judge Less: How to Live a Life of Compassion


    Whether conscious or subconscious, judging others is harmful and – as it usually comes from a place of lack or insecurity within ourselves – says infinitely more about us than whomever we judge. Listen as Monica and Michael discuss how we can fight our instinct to judge through an embrace of mercy and compassion, and how doing so not only creates a chain reaction that truly makes the world a better place, it also leads us to transforming into who we want to be. We never see something negative in another person so we can change them, we see it so we can change ourselves. – Michael BergFurther readings: This Is Water by David Foster Wallace Radical Compassion by Tara Brach Fundamentals by Frank Wilczek
  • Spiritually Hungry podcast

    59. Live Boldly: How to Never Settle for Less


    Change is an exciting part of life; it leads us to better self-awareness, helps us think and act from our soul, and creates our unique path to the real fulfillment we are meant to live. Tune in as Monica and Michael share practical tips and tools for identifying if we are, in fact, changing for the better and not settling for anything less than our best life. Taking action leads to true transformation; don’t wait for life to happen to you, create your reality. – Monica Berg 
  • Spiritually Hungry podcast

    58. You Can, and You Will: The Power of Positive Thoughts


    Our thoughts are more powerful than most of us think; they create our reality, influence nearly every aspect of our lives, and, according to recent studies, even affect our aging process. Listen as Monica and Michael discuss how proactively engaging in positive thinking helps us become in tune with the universe, grow our power, enhance our abilities, and reach our limitless potential.We tend to be our own harshest critics, but we have the free will to not give these thoughts energy. – Monica Berg
  • Spiritually Hungry podcast

    57. Productively Uncomfortable: How to Expand Your Miracle Zone


    Stepping out of our comfort zone not only allows us to live a richer, fuller life, it grows everything about us that makes us unique, special, and capable of making a true difference in this world. Tune in to Michael and Monica’s continued discussion of the comfort zone as they reveal how going against our comfort is the most powerful way to create miracles and share practical tips for being productively uncomfortable.Spirituality is all about growth, and constantly maintaining that forward movement, that momentum, is the key. – Michael BergFurther readings: Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Daniel H. PinkThe Comfort Crisis by Michael Easter
  • Spiritually Hungry podcast

    56. If It Doesn’t Challenge, It Doesn’t Change You: Exit Comfort Zone


    The comfort zone – where things are easy and involve zero risk – is really an illusion of happiness, for real joy comes from pushing ourselves to explore our true, full potential. Join Michael and Monica as they share tips and tools for pushing through the limitations of our comfort zone and examine the myriad benefits that come with doing so. We are meant to grow, be curious, have adventures, find fulfillment – and we certainly don’t do it by clinging to comfort. – Monica BergFurther readings: Danger in the Comfort Zone by Judith BardwickThe Comfort Crisis by Michael Easter
  • Spiritually Hungry podcast

    55. Finding Calm in the Chaos: How to Access Comfort in Difficult Times


    There are always challenges in life, and there are also always thought processes that can help us find comfort in those dark times and even become stronger for it. Listen as Michael and Monica discuss viewing life in its totality – rather than defining our lives by singular events – and how in doing so, we can look beyond the false narratives our ego builds and truly become the creators of our story.A problem is but one paragraph of a chapter in the story of our lives; it’s nonsensical to fall into the lie that this paragraph is everything. – Michael BergFurther readings: The Comfort Book by Matt Haig

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