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156: The One About Securing School Contracts

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In this episode, I am joined by Ebony Green. Ebony is a speech language pathologist and a former K-12 teacher. She started her private practice in 2019 and was able to secure contracts with several schools and double her practice revenue within the first two years of being in business. Since Ebony became an entrepreneur, she has always helped other private practitioners along the way. As a former educator, Ebony is passionate about teaching and sharing resources with others. In 2021 Ebony was named an ASHA Distinguished Early Career Professional based on her work and the platform she built to help other SLPs learn how to become successful business owners. Today Ebony has contracts with dozens of schools in Arizona. Her company contracts with various schools including private schools, public schools, and charter schools. Ebony leads a team of 30 therapists and serves as the CEO of her private practice, CASA Speech and Development Services.

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