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Sitdown Series - Ra'Shaad Samples

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Much has been made about how Kenny Dillingham is the youngest head coach in the Power 5. But the funny thing is...he's not even the youngest guy on the staff. To fill the role of wide receivers coach, Dillingham tabbed a man who held the distinction of being the youngest position coach in the NFL in 2022.

Ra'Shaad Samples was once a blue-chip wide receiver prospect whose college career was unfortunately cut short due to concussions. But since moving into the coaching ranks, his rise has been meteoric, making his way from Houston to Texas to SMU to coaching the running backs for the Los Angeles Rams at the tender age of 27. He'll now be tasked with coaching the Sun Devil wide receivers as well as resuming his role as one of the nation's most dynamic recruiters.

In this episode, Ra'Shaad and I discuss his quick rise through the coaching ranks, lessons from the NFL, the Sun Devil WRs, the keys to his success of the recruiting trail, and much more.

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