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Sitdown Series - Bryan Carrington

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The new ASU coaching staff under Kenny Dillingham has a little bit of everything: Veterans with impressive track records who have coached around the country, a few with deep ties to the local high school community, and dynamic young coaches shooting their way up the ranks. It also has a man who is making his debut as an on-field coach...but who has already made a major impact on the sport.

Still in his early 30s, Bryan Carrington earned a reputation as one of the nation's best recruiters during a career that has taken him from Houston to Texas to USC and most recent to TCU, where he helped build the Horned Frogs into a national title game team. Since 2016, Carrington has signed 11 five-star recruits. And he's making the move to the coaching ranks, taking on the task of leading the Sun Devil cornerbacks.

In this episode, Bryan and I discuss his roots of his passion for recruiting and building relationships, why he came to ASU, reuniting a dynamic recruiting tandem with Ra'Shaad Samples, the Devils corners, the best wings in the Valley and much more.

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