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In Preparation to continue this months Milestone celebration of reaching 22 glorious years in transmittion with 22 before serving the hallowed turf that was, will, and always be known as The Dance-Floor,

I present to you within this broadcast edition with an invitation to explore an often overused set of abbreviations systematically labelled to institutions, nights out… and Players, whom often display these terms like a merit or badge without actually delving deeper behind the music to understand what truly makes these explosive genres Soul-Unique, 

How these Artists Moods are embedded-between every groove for an eternity and more!Just how our music has influenced all other Genre’s to this day and beyond,

This is my interpretation portrayed the only way that I know how!!

Using their original recordings pressed to My original albums and celebrated with you defined , one record at a time…

Introducing you back to…

THE VINYL VOYAGE My Definition of

Jazz - Funk - Fusion - Rhythm & Rhyme

This weeks edition of Soul A:M Records Vinyl Uncut Dedicated to listeners from yesterday, this day and beyond...

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