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SneakerDads is a platform where friends come together to discuss life, business, community, culture, family and sneakers. Check us out on Instagram @sneakerdads and at Host: Jon Ratner @headzaintredee

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  • SneakerDads podcast

    ‘I Buy To Wear’ with Cliff @critter78 – Y02E05


    This week SneakerDads welcomes a long-time friend Cliff @critter78 for Episode 5 of Year 2. He’s passionate about life, family, sneakers, basketball and business, and talks about some of the big decisions he was forced to confront when preparing to move overseas – what shoes to bring. Host: Jon Ratner @headzaintredee Beats: Chili Banks
  • SneakerDads podcast

    Influencers, Design and DMs with Curtis @cdiggins – Y02E04


    Curtis @cdiggins shares some of his many experiences working in various roles at Nike, talks about his current position at TikTok and how it relates to sneakers, gives us the scoop on influencer marketing, and much more. Host: Jon Ratner @headzaintredee Beats: Chili Banks
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  • SneakerDads podcast

    Styll Making Waves with Shahin from – Y02E03


    Shahin the owner of joins SneakerDads for Episode 3 (Year 2) to talk kicks and caps. With a long history in the sneaker game, and his store making big waves in the hat community, Shahin has a unique perspective to share. He talks about why he won’t wear some valuable pairs, how he got started in sneakers, building @odtoronto from the ground up, why Kanye West is responsible for the current prices and hype in sneakers, the Jordan 1 he’d like to see made next, and how New Era took a play out of Nike’s playbook. Shahin also tells us who deserves the credit for first going beyond original team colour MLB hats, and why there is a perfect storm for delays in fitted hat deliveries. Host: Jon Ratner @headzaintredee Beats: Chili Banks
  • SneakerDads podcast

    ‘I Still Rock My Js’ with Rich @grailstatus13 – Y02E02


    From admiring Jordans he couldn’t get as a kid in New York, to hunting for missing pieces in his gem-filled sneaker collection today, Rich @grailstatus13 doesn’t waver from what he’s always loved. He joins SneakerDads to talk about the @inkixwetrust crew and community, how his wife hates his collecting but that they’ve come to an understanding, teaching his kids to take care of their shoes, the pairs that mean the most to him, and much more. Host: Jon Ratner @headzaintredee @SneakerDads Beats: Chili Banks
  • SneakerDads podcast

    One-offs and Storage Lockers with Matt @lefty_ting – Y02E01


    Matt @lefty_ting is a New York-born and raised father of two whose passion for sneakers lead to a career in the industry. His home city inspired trips elsewhere, including Tokyo and London, bringing extra suitcases to fill with sneakers. During his time at Reebok, Asics and adidas, Matt got to work with Pharrell, Nelly and Ronnie Fieg to name a few. On SneakerDads Year 2 Episode 1, Matt shares some amazing stories about shoes maybe nobody has ever heard of, as well as some great perspective on fashion, family and the sneaker industry. Host: Jon Ratner @headzaintredee Beats: Chili Banks
  • SneakerDads podcast

    52. @215shooter – Still a photographer


    To mark the end of Year 1 of the podcast, SneakerDads welcomes Jerome @215shooter, a Philadelphia-based photographer and creative. He’s also a father, and has some very useful perspectives and insights on the state of the game. He tells us what’s in the rotation, how he get his kids involved, shares his experiences and opinions on social media and trends in sneaker photography, talks about opportunities and his career, and much more. Host: Jon Ratner @headzaintredee Beats: Chili Banks
  • SneakerDads podcast

    51. Nothing beats the OG Part 2 with @s8xybeast


    In the second part of our discussion with @s8xybeast, he reminds us of some sneaker brands we may have forgot or never heard of, gives us the scoop on Vince Carter, talks about his favourite jerseys and other memorabilia, shares stories about some of the prized possessions he’s let go of, tell us what jerseys and sneakers his family wears, and discusses some of his other hobbies such as food! Host: Jon Ratner @headzaintredee Beats: Chili Banks
  • SneakerDads podcast

    50. Origins of the Beast Part 1 with @s8xybeast


    Whether it was skating the streets of Toronto as a kid, or breaking out a rare Raptors jersey for the NBA Finals, @s8xybeast has always had a sense of style. This week’s guest on SneakerDads Episode 50 has no shortage of shoes, jerseys or collectables, but he’s also got a ton of knowledge, perspective and history to share. In Part 1 of 2 with @s8xybeast, we learn about the kicks that started it all, the popularity of vintage, various levels of basketball jerseys, the meaning of his nickname, and much more. Host: Jon Ratner @headzaintredee Beats: Chili Banks
  • SneakerDads podcast

    49. SneakerDads Presents: Wear Everything with Nick Engvall


    Nick Engvall @nickengvall of @SneakerHistory and @SneakerConvos is an accomplished sneaker industry veteran who not only has worked at Complex, NiceKicks, FinishLine and Stockx, but has also built ventures of his own. We talk about his history and the sneaker game of the past, where we are now, podcasting, and what sneakers he loves and why. We also discuss the balancing act of wearing everything and preserving rare or special pairs, and a whole lot more. Host: Jon Ratner @headzaintredee Beats: Chili Banks
  • SneakerDads podcast

    48. YouTube, LeBrons and family with @HarrisK15


    Harris @HarrisK15 of the DreamQrew joins SneakerDads to talk about his history in the sneaker community, basketball, making people laugh, family, and some very unique experiences. He shares details about his extensive LeBron collection, what he’s wearing to hoop in, what’s in the kids’ and wife’s stash, trading sneakers in favour of experiences and memories, making YouTube videos with @QiasOmar and others, and we get a special on-air visit from his son. Host: Jon Ratner @headzaintredee Beats: Chili Banks

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