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Smart Drivel is the definitive podcast for ambiguous topics. In this ongoing podcast, join Kurt Schneider and Jon Ellenthal as we probe the wonders of, er, um, well we don't really probe anything or answer any burning questions or get to the bottom of things. More like two guys with a mic exploring different topics. Twenty-ish minutes of a conversation you will want to be a part of. We promise the drivel, we hope for the smart.

81 Episodes

  • Smart Drivel podcast

    Ep.81: Big Little Things


    The expensive, large purchases we make--like houses, cars, jewelry--get all the attention, but it is the little things that actually make the biggest differences. In this episode, Jon and Kurt pay tribute to those small purchases with outsized impact.
  • Smart Drivel podcast

    Ep.80: Did You Smell That?


    Smells can put you in a great mood, can be offensive to your innards, can be meditative, and can conjure up nostalgia. How is it that this one sense impacts so much of our psyche and emotional well being? Well, Jon and Kurt chat about the good, the bad, and the just plain ol’ smelly aromas out there. Take a whiff for yourself.
  • Smart Drivel podcast

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  • Smart Drivel podcast

    Ep.79: Do Not Pass Go


    The boys struck out on a path this episode to talk about board games. The classic games found in most homes that engendered laughter, cheating, family bonding, family arguing, and all around great memories. Come have a listen and pull up a chair at the Smart Drivel kitchen table as we set out to play some Monopoly, Clue, Life, Stratego, Chess...well, you get the idea.
  • Smart Drivel podcast

    Ep.78: Raindrops on Roses


    Tired of beating the curmudgeon drum, Jon and Kurt decide to focus on some of their favorite things. There are no pet peeves in this episode, no discussion of the problems in society these days, and no conversations about things they can live without. Instead, this is an unabashed traipse through fields sprouting with their favorite stuff.
  • Smart Drivel podcast

    Bonus Episode: The After 30 Podcast Guest Appearance


    Every once in a while, Jon and Kurt like to venture out of their comfort zones and try new things. In this episode, the Smart Drivel gents are guests on The After 30 Podcast and have a fun and interesting discussion with hosts Tabitha and Anis centering on advice they would give to their 40 year old selves. Two mid-fifties guys talking careers and life with two 30-something women is a mash-up conversation worth a listen.
  • Smart Drivel podcast

    Ep.76: Things We Can Live Without


    Ever look at something and you realize that you can easily, and happily, live without it? Seems society is hell bent on creating more more more...yet is it all necessary? Jon and Kurt have a funny and spirited conversation about things they can live without. It is sure to create a desire in you to make a list of your own.
  • Smart Drivel podcast

    Ep.75: Ten Billion Donuts


    Join Jon and Kurt for a rollicking, delicious, jaunt through the history of donuts and their role in pop culture. Find out why they (ok, just one of them) call donuts "the Truman Doctrine of Pastries", what Clark Gable and Washington Irving had to say about them, and how the hole came to be. Expect to get a big hankering for a donut...
  • Smart Drivel podcast

    Ep.74: Blowing Smoke


    The boys are back after a brief break to restock their drivel stores. And they certainly seemed to have stocked up for this new episode. Here they delve into the origins of expressions attached to the body. They cover idioms that include body parts, like “jump down your throat”, “drink like you have a wooden leg”, and of course, “blowing smoke up your ass.”
  • Smart Drivel podcast

    Ep.73: Fondue For You


    Ah, the 1970s. A beacon of home decor dazzlement...from shag carpets to egg chairs to wood-paneled walls, it was truly a decade to now make fun of. In this episode, Jon and Kurt are invited to a dinner party in the 1970s and they take us along for the ride.
  • Smart Drivel podcast

    Ep. 72:History's Mysteries


    Jon and Kurt decide to scratch their history itch by having a conversation about some of the world’s greatest unsolved history mysteries. Of course, this being Jon and Kurt, they meander a bit off topic, but do manage to come back each time to probe and theorize what the hell happened.

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