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No Man Left Behind with Rob Lowe & The Wounded Warrior Project

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Kevin welcomes his old friend Rob Lowe to the show. The two life-long actors reminisce about the roles they have competed for, a life in the work, writing your first book, marriage and so much more. They are joined by Dan Nevins, a wounded warrior who fought for our country and was helped by The Wounded Warrior Project in his own transition back to civilian life. They all discuss the importance of the organization for the service men and women of our country and the responsibility we all have to take care of our veterans after they return home.

To learn more and get involved with the Wounded Warrior Project, head to WoundedWarriorProject.Org. To support more initiatives like this program, text 'BACON' to 707070 or head to SixDegrees.Org to learn more.

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