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Ending Misery Systems w/ Jewel & Inspiring Children Foundation

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Jewel joins Kevin this week and they chat about 5 hour sets, how one of her biggest hits was the first song she ever wrote, and why Jewel believes that helping the "whole child" is what will put an end to 'Misery Systems'. They are joined by Ryan Wolfington, the founder of Inspiring Children Foundation and President of Jewel Inc. who discusses how Inspiring Children is supporting physical and mental health, wellness, and job skills for young people in Las Vegas.

*Note: this interview was recorded before the SAG-AFTRA strike took effect.

To learn more and get involved with Jewel's Inspiring Children Foundation, head to or To support more initiatives like this program, text 'BACON' to 707070 or head to SixDegrees.Org to learn more. 

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