Strap it Down - White Sox Baseball podcast

Strap it Down - White Sox Baseball

Nicky Lags (Suds), Zach Elder (Schwab) and Dave Pagone

We're here every week to talk White Sox Baseball. Three White Sox fans from the Northwest side of Chicago that grew up going to Sox games. From the Big Hurt to Paulie K to TA, we are on our 4th generation of White Sox teams and we love the pain of losing as much as we love the joy of winning. Our show covers an array of topics. We are always looking to keep things in perspective with a positive outlook but always looking for ways to constructively criticize our manager (which is too easy these days) and the front office. We also like to spend time covering future White Sox prospects and trending White Sox topics. Segments you can expect to hear each week include: Weekly Recap Decisions by a Hall of Fame Baseball Person Let's Get Pickled Weekly Look Forward Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) thoughts

20 Episodes