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SisterSmart Leadership

Jill Avey

Are you a woman in leadership who is tired of feeling stuck in your career? Like your work isn’t getting the recognition it deserves? Like your voice doesn’t have the influence it needs to contribute to better solutions? Like no matter what you do, you can’t get promoted? While these challenges don’t discriminate against gender, women need different solutions to overcome them. It’s not enough for women to simply get leadership training and career advice. They need to learn how to lead with their feminine energy and use it as their biggest advantage. On this show, career success coach Jill Avey and her guests explore how women can rise from director to vice president and beyond by fully leaning into their feminine energy as their biggest advantage. In each episode, you’ll understand how women need to lead differently and how by doing so, women leaders gain influence and respect among their colleagues, restore balance to their role, and receive the recognition and promotions they deserve. Each episode will highlight real-life stories, offer practical advice, and the science of feminine leadership so you can see how women are rising up as far as they want to go, without playing by the old rules that built these male-dominated industries and systems. It took Jill 10 years to get promoted from director to vice president. She’s here to extend her hand to other women leaders to move past that rung of the ladder in months — or even weeks — instead of years — so we can create more gender balance within leadership positions and feel the effects of women’s influence on the world. Jill is the founder of SisterSmart where she offers group and private coaching to help her clients find deep fulfillment in their careers, both personally and financially. You can learn more at

4 Episodes