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UC Santa Cruz Campus Natural Reserve

COVID-19 has the world sheltering in place. Here in our place of coastal California, spring is happening. Eight undergraduate students from University of California, Santa Cruz lift the blinds and peel back the petals. These students are your guides as we ponder springtime happenings in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Join us as we explore intersections of humans and nature in the lockdown era. We’re stuck inside, but spring is happening outside. This is Sheltered Spring.

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  • Sheltered Spring podcast

    2. Naomi's first episode: West Cliff Dr.


    In this installment of Sheltered Spring, I’m inviting you to West Cliff. This popular scenic drive is one of my favorite things about Santa Cruz, California and in this episode I’m walking you through a typical meditative session at my West Cliff sit spot. I share my observations and the entries from my field journal to bring the California coast to wherever our listeners find themselves. Here, we appreciate the invasive ice plant for what it is and we get to know the popular surf spots along this portion of the coast! As we get to know West Cliff, I’m hoping to amplify the beauty of exposure to nature as therapy. It’s something we probably all need after a year of pandemic restrictions. Reimagining everything for a digital space may have become our normal, but that just means we each need to start reaching for an emotional affinity toward nature. Music: Pleasant Porridge by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: Sounds: Audio from West Cliff Drive by Naomi San Jose Audio from Mitchell’s Cove by Naomi San Jose Audio from Dog Beach, West Cliff by Naomi San Jose
  • Sheltered Spring podcast

    Sheltered Spring Season Four (The 2nd Spring): Emily's first episode--Introducing Myself


    In this episode, Emily takes you on an audio tour of her chosen sit spot at the northwestern edge of UC Santa Cruz's East Meadow. She describes what she sees, hears, and experiences throughout her spring 2021 visits. She notes differences in temperature, plant life, and widlife based on the time of day she witnessed them and notes the changes between now and when she started this naturalist journey in early spring. She noticed many changes in the span of three months spent in the environment, and asks you to visualize them as she describes her surroundings.  Attributions: 31153__uataudio__walkmeddrygrass 167455__kneedless__fly01: 466129__pianofarm__crows-attacking-red-tail-hawk-03-13-2019: 479610__craigsmith__r30-34-red-tailed-hawk: Pollinator sounds by Alex Jones, used by permission
  • Sheltered Spring podcast

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  • Sheltered Spring podcast

    9. Meg episode 1: Community Forest


    In this episode, Megan explores the many wonders of Arcata Community Forest in Arcata, California. Joined by the cacophony of the redwood forest, this episode reflects on a life changed by the pandemic, the importance of connectivity in disastrous times, and the fascinating nature of fungus. Interview snippet with Christian Schwarz. Christian Schwarz is a naturalist currently living in Santa Cruz, the land of milk (caps) and honey (mushrooms). He studied Ecology and Evolution at UCSC, and now spends his time photographing, teaching about, collecting, and researching macrofungi. He is coauthor of Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast. Fungi satisfy his curiosity with their seemingly endless forms – from the grotesque to the bizarre to the sublimely beautiful. Besides dabbling in mushroom taxonomy, he loves fish, plants, nudibranchs, moths, and dragonflies. He is passionate about ccommunity science, especially iNaturalist. Credits: Introduction music by Graham Davis Music: Thinking Music by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:
  • Sheltered Spring podcast

    8. Matt: Family Trees Episode 2


    Having observed a dramatic period of change in the first episode, we now look to studies of forest ecology in order to understand the implications of our observations, as well as to receive a general education on the functioning of forests. In this episode, Peter Wohlleben’s book “The Hidden Life of Trees” is used as the main source material from which quotes are taken and sections are paraphrased, however, other works are cited and sourced from as well. This episode will effectively initiate even the novice into knowledge of how forests function, though the study is one in which one can delve infinitely into. By the episodes completion, we’ll understand why we saw the levels of destruction we did in the first episode, as well as the connections between all the organisms we had observed. Music Attributions: Introduction Music: Graham Davis Resource Attributions: Bulk Forest Ecology Material: Peter Wohlleben’s ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’ VA Mycorrhizae Information: This Article by Randy Molina of USDA Forest Services Related but not Directly Cited: This Article by Allison Arteaga Soergel off the UCSC Newscenter This Article by Claire Willing from UC Berkeley Soundscapes: Assorted Field and Narration Recordings From Jan. 4th to Mar. 4th, 2021   Matt Lee, Santa Cruz, CA “Trees Creaking (speak to me.....)”  Posted Feb. 19th, 2014 on YouTube by Adam Hiscox “🎧 Creaking trees, forest, winter…”  Posted Feb 8th, 2014 on YouTube by Sound Berries “Tree falling in the woods”  Posted Jul. 22nd, 2013 on YouTube by Mark Hall
  • Sheltered Spring podcast

    7. sound(e)scape: Matt/Pogonip


    Pogonip, Santa Cruz, CA Recorded by Matt Lee Winter 2021
  • Sheltered Spring podcast

    6. Matt: Family Trees Episode 1


    Tired of being stuck inside and staring at screens all day?. . yeah, me too. So let’s go on an adventure through the forests surrounding the UC Santa Cruz campus and appreciate the beauty of the trees. This first episode documents the changes I observed after a huge wind storm swept through Santa Cruz, ensuring it did not pass unnoticed by tearing apart the canopies and shedding countless leaves and branches. These events and the subsequent observations bear intrigue and prompt us to investigate forest ecology to understand what role they play in the dynasties of forests. So listen in to wet your ecological appetite. Music Attributions: Introduction Music: Graham Davis Elevator Music: Soundscape Assorted Field and Narration Recordings Jan. 4th to Feb. 5th, 2021 Matt Lee, Santa Cruz, CA
  • Sheltered Spring podcast

    5. sound(e)scape: Sam/Lagunitas-->Matt/Pogonip


    Lagunitas Creek-->Pogonip Sam-->Matt Winter 2021
  • Sheltered Spring podcast

    4. Sam Episode 2: Streams and Dreams


    Sam here, after exploring my sit spot I decided to reach out of my environment and take on the lens of the Lagunitas wildlife. Animating the creeks and scenery, I examined the water quality and integrities Lagunitas Creek has. In this episode I research and analyse the importance the creek carries for the endangered coho salmon. With special guest Eric Ettlinger, I tackle previous questions on my observations that I have made in relation to human to environment relationships. Featuring: Eric Ettlinger: Aquatic Ecologist, Marin Municipal Water District Braiding Sweetgrass narration by Kelley Tillman Resources on the Matter: Three sites mar otherwise Glowing beach water quality. (2020, February 06). Retrieved March 01, 2021. County of Marin - news releases - BEACH water quality. (n.d.). Retrieved March 01, 2021. Kimmerer, Robin Wall. 2013. Braiding Sweetgrass. Milkweed Editions, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Music : Resonance of the Gods by anankalisto cloth_music.aif by james_longley Piano - Fairy Tale Intro.wav by GregorQuende Vibrant Steps: Sparkling Indie Shoegaze Intro Music by jjmarsan Wind_magical_Aeolus_soaring.aif by Dynamicell Soundscape: underwater ambience by akemov
  • Sheltered Spring podcast

    3. sound(e)scape: Sam/Lagunitas Creek


    Lagunitas Creek Recorded by Sam Carreno Winter 2021
  • Sheltered Spring podcast

    2. Sam Episode 1: Bridged Waters


    In this episode I invite you to join me at a destination spot I hold dear to me. I’m Sam and I’d like to take us on the journey of exploring my sit spot and all it has to offer. In this episode I walk through my processes of capturing the thrill of the swimming holes called The Inkwells. I examine it during two different seasons and dive into the importance it carries within its natural ecology.From swimming holes to spawning creeks, let’s observe the relationships between humans and the environment. Music: Grahams Jam by Graham Davis Soundscapes: Rain Fall Through Trees by acollier123 Birdsong and crows in fog.aiff by andymanister CafeAmbience.WAV by nickrave Gravel path countryside ambience.mp3 by watercool People talking loud in the distance at late night - Outside Ambience by clawbase Lagunita Creek Flow Lagunitas,CA By Samantha Carreno Rainfall Lagunitas,CA By Samantha Carreno Inkwells intro audio By Samantha Carreno

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