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The fabulous foursome (Morgan & Isabeau from Whoa!mance, Dame Jodie Slaughter, Andrea Martucci from Shelf Love) get meta textual as we reflect on our meta podcasting project on Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas. What’s this episode about? Take a guess from this collection of possible episode titles:

  • Panopticon Alert: Meta Reflections on Dreaming of You
  • The Internet Killed Romance
  • Whoa! That’s Some Weird Romance
  • Our Current Romance Panopticon
  • Alienating Persons in Romance
  • Love Us or Hate Us
  • Here We Are Now, Offend Us
  • Did you enjoy this podcast?

Be sure to listen to episode 140 and 141 before diving into the meta-ness and meta-mess of this text.

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