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Findom, Care, and the Submissive Billionaire: Preferential Treatment by Heather Guerre

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A billionaire romance novel that name drops Citizen’s United only comes along every so often. Carter Sherman, Senior reporter for VICE News, joins me to discuss Preferential Treatment by Heather Guerre. We talk about power exchange, heterosexual marriage as a transaction, and subverting the single script of the hegemonic BDSM billionaire romance to focus on the fantasy as care & safety as opposed to letting go of control.

Romancelandia Holiday Fairies:

Discussed: Preferential Treatment by Heather Guerre

Other media mentioned:

  • Hard-Core Romance: Fifty Shades of Grey, Best-Sellers, and Society by Eva Illouz
  • Every New Year by Katrina Jackson
  • Private Eye by Katrina Jackson
  • The Perfect Crimes of Marian Hayes by Cat Sebastian
  • Marriage: A History by Stephanie Coontz
  • You’re Wrong About Abortion Stories:

Guest: Carter Sherman (she/her/hers)

Senior reporter for VICE News

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