She Dope Tarot Podcast podcast

She Dope Tarot Podcast

She Dope Tarot

🔮Tarot and oracle readings for guidance in everyday life.🔮

☯️Readings are for Sun, Moon, Rising and Venus signs. They are also timeless. Time is not linear.☯️

🎴Decks mostly used:
Modern Witch Tarot Deck
Mystic Mondays Tarot Deck
Grunge Tarot Deck
Oracle of the Radiant Sun
Numerology Oracle
Romance Angel Oracle
22 Major Arcana
Self Care Oracle
Moonology Oracle
Lovers Oracle
Hip Hop Queens
Rebel Oracle
Botanical Inspirations
Animal Messages🎴

🎧Thanks for listening and remember to only take what resonates and leave the rest!🎧 

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