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Shapes Of Grief

Liz Gleeson, MSc Bereavement

Shapes of Grief is brought to you by Liz Gleeson, an Irish grief therapist. Liz hosts conversations with people about their experience of loss and grief in their lives. Through the recounting of our grief stories, integration can begin to happen, both for the teller and the listener. Everyone has a story of loss and everyone's story offers hope and inspiration to other grievers. Sharing these stories with each other can go a long way in normalising this human experience. Please do become a Patron on for as little as $5 per month, help keep us going!

72 Episodes

  • Shapes Of Grief podcast

    Ep. 72 Andrew McGinley speaks about finding new purpose following the tragic deaths of his three beloved children


    In January 2020, Andrew McGinley's three children Carla, Darragh and Conor died suddenly and tragically in their home. Following trial, their mother was found not guilty of murder for reason of insanity. In this conversation, Andrew talks about his love for his three children, how he continues his bonds with them through fulfilling promises that he made to them, and the urgent need for mental health reform in Ireland. Buy tickets to Andrew's fundraiser at #grief #bereavement #andrewmcginley #conorsclips #asdarraghdid #mentalhealthreform
  • Shapes Of Grief podcast

    Ep 71 Kristine Carlson on the sudden death of her husband & finding meaning after tragic loss


    Kristine Carlson and her husband Richard Carlson, author of 'Don't Sweat the Small Stuff', which was No 1 on the New York Times Best Seller list for 100 consecutive weeks, were enjoying their success when tragedy struck. Richard died suddenly and unexpectedly while on a flight to New York. In this conversation, Kristine talks to Liz about how life changed after Richard's death and how she used his teachings to help her to find meaning in her grief. Also available on Shapes Of Grief youtube channel A movie based on Kristine's book 'Heart Broken Open' will soon be released and her book will be available again from Sep 15th 2021, also on her website: #grief #bereavement #widowhood #dontsweatthesmallstuff #newyorktimes #richardcarlson #kristinecarlson
  • Shapes Of Grief podcast

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  • Shapes Of Grief podcast

    Ep. 70 Caoimhe Butterly on navigating grief in advocacy work


    A rich, rich conversation with the wonderful Caoimhe Butterly about how she has navigated grief through many years of activism and advocacy work and how, as both humans and psychotherapists, we can adequately meet people who are experiencing profound suffering and loss in their lives.  #advocacy #activism #humanitarianwork
  • Shapes Of Grief podcast

    Ep. 69 Meghann Scully on losing her brother & father as a teenager


    Ep. 69 Meghann Scully talks to Liz about her brother's death when they were teenagers, followed by her father's death a year later. Meghann shares how her grief affected her and how unexpressed grief caught up with her in her twenties through addiction.  Podcast is available on all podcasting platforms and on  #grief #bereavement #griefeducation #meghannnscully #siblinglossGrief Education Programme for Mental Health Professionals at, subscribe now!
  • Shapes Of Grief podcast

    Ep. 68 Clair speaks about living with a terminal illness


    Have you ever wondered how you would respond to receiving a terminal diagnosis? In this conversation with Clair, we talk about dying, living, available choices when living with a terminal illness and the 'battle' language that often accompanies cancer. Clair is refreshingly honest and a breath of fresh air.  Clair's website "As someone living with a stage 4 cancer diagnosis I have come to realise that many people seem to think that surviving is the same as being well and that dying is the same as being sick - when actually neither are true. There should be more to life than simply not dying. Acknowledging that death is coming is not something that I think of as a failure or a lost fight. Life is glorious and while I live it I am interested to discover how wellbeing evidence can help inform and improve my life and the journey of others living with terminal illness.  I’m grateful for the support of the wonderful  What Works Centre for Wellbeing who are collaborating with me on this Dying Well project."
  • Shapes Of Grief podcast

    Ep. 67 Liz Introduces the Shapes Of Grief Education Programme for Mental Health Practitioners


    Hi Everyone, I took a little break from the podcast to accompany my lovely Dad on his final weeks on planet earth. After he died, I launched myself into completing a project that I've been curating for the past few months, an online Grief Education Programme for Healthcare Providers and Mental Health practitioners. This episode is an introduction to the programme, I hope you'll sign-up and please do spread the word! #griefeducation #bereavementeducation #grief
  • Shapes Of Grief podcast

    Ep. 66 Sarah Corbett-Lynch, age 14, on children’s grief


    Sarah’s first major loss happened when she was just twelve weeks old and her adoring mother Mags died as a result of an asthma attack. Sarah’s Dad raised her and her brother until he died tragically when Sarah was just eight years old. What followed next were several weeks of confusion and trauma before Sarah and her brother were put into the safe arms of their aunt and uncle, and travelled to the other side of the Atlantic ocean, where they are adored by a large, loving, blended family. Sarah is an incredible advocate for Children’s grief and has already published her first book for children on grief. Adults and children alike will find much wisdom and comfort in Sarah’s words about how to navigate grief. Sarah’s book is available to buy at #sarahcorbettlynch #grief #childrensgrief #bereavement #irishchildhoodbereavementnetwork
  • Shapes Of Grief podcast

    Ep. 65 Lord Mayor Hazel Chu on Racism, Discrimination and Grief


    A conversation with Lord Mayor of Dublin Hazel Chu on Racism, Discrimination and Grief.  #grief #racism #discrimination 
  • Shapes Of Grief podcast

    Ep. 64 Adrienne Freeland on how horses supported her grief after her brother's suicide


    An outdoor horse girl, the bereavement group in a dingy basement just didn't work for Adrienne Freeland after her brother died by suicide. Seeing a problem that needed fixing, Adrienne contacted her local hospice to talk about setting up an alternative kind of bereavement group; in her barn with the horses. In this episode, Adrienne explains some of the ways in which the people she supports find hope and moments of peace while with the horses.  #grief #bereavement #suicide #griefoutdoors #bereavementgroup
  • Shapes Of Grief podcast

    Ep. 63 Carrie Thompson on Climbing 48 Mountains following her son's death by suicide


    In 2019, Carrie Thompson's worst nightmare came true when her beautiful son Ben died by suicide. In December 2020, Carrie had an article published in the New York Times that documented her journey through the NH48 - the 48 highest peaks of New Hampshire, a challenge she set herself to pay homage to her son who adored the outdoors. Carrie shares some of her grief experience with Liz in this moving and important conversation about parental loss and suicide bereavement. #suicide #hiking #cherylstrayed #carriethompson #newhampshire48 #nh48 #suicidebereavement

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