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Rhonda McCrimmon

I'm Rhonda and I help souls who feel lost or stuck in a life full of fear & doubt or are struggling with feelings of 'not good enough'. It is my mission to help you to discover the incredible transformational power of Shamanism. And more importantly, in a way that works for you! We don't work with rules, boxes, 'shoulds' & 'should nots'! Each podcast has an activity suggestion for weekly journeys and personal work, so knowing how to Journey is helpful. We offer a free intro workshop in our Facebook Community!

103 Episodes

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    103. Finding Relief From an Excessive Mental Load


    What is a mental load? The invisible, non-tangible tasks involved in operating a family are called the mental load, also known as cognitive labour. The mental load is the unseen – not necessarily the physical tasks but the remembering of all of the daily stuff that needs to be done – so shopping, dinner prep or when laundry needs doing – it also includes reaching out to other family members and remembering birthdays. In this episode, we explore how you can climb down from having an excessive mental load and bring more balance into your daily life. 
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    102. How to Find Closure Within Your Heart


    Closure can be described as the end of a relationship, job, stage of life, or way of thinking and is often associated with difficulty. Finding closure implies being able to completely accept what has happened and finding ways to honour the transition. Tune in to find out how. 
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  • ShamanTalk podcast

    101. Being Ethical With Your Spiritual Gifts


    This week we'll dive into why it's not OK to use your spiritual gifts on others without their consent. Ever. 
  • ShamanTalk podcast

    100. A Celebration: My Wins, Losses, Struggles & Gratitude


    Celebrate episode 100 with me as I share some wins and losses of the past few years. You can also find out how to win an Intuitive Guidance reading (which you can’t get any other way!)
  • ShamanTalk podcast

    99. Dealing with Narcissism in Our Lives


    We’ve all come into contact with someone who displays narcissistic tendencies. We’ve likely displayed some of these tendencies ourselves at some point in our lives. But did you know that there’s more than one type of narcissist? We call the narcissists we tend to know and love ‘overt narcissists’, and the traits they tend to display are well known. But there’s another type. The covert narcissist - and they are much harder to spot. In this episode, we're going to do a deep dive into covert narcissists, and how we can work to heal and release that energy shamanically. 
  • ShamanTalk podcast

    98. ReFocus Week: How to Deal with Negative Energy


    In this re-focus week, you'll go back over how to effectively deal with negative energy, both inner and outer, so that you can continue on your Shamanic journey to reaching your greatest potential with fewer blocks and more resilience. 
  • ShamanTalk podcast

    97. ReFocus Week: Escaping the Blame Game


    When painful or difficult things happen in life, how do you react? ​ Do you immediately want to know whose fault it is? ​ Blaming is the habit of making other people or things ‘wrong’ or responsible when difficult things happen. ​ But blaming never helps anyone or solves a problem. It is insidious and it is the wind that gives momentum to negative drama in our lives. Learning to let go of blame is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself and others. ​In this week's refocus episode, we'll be taking a deep dive into blame and how you can free yourself from being a blame space ​
  • ShamanTalk podcast

    96. The Shadow, what is it and how do you work safely with it?


    When we talk about the shadow, we mean all the parts we deny, hide, repress or reject about ourselves. It’s called the shadow because it hasn’t been captured by the light of our consciousness and because it has been banned from the surface of our visible life. In this week's episode, we'll be taking a dive into shadow, finding out what it really is & learning how to begin working with it. 
  • ShamanTalk podcast

    95. Refocus Week | Enslaved Empath vs Empowered Empath


    Empaths are highly sensitive individuals who have a keen ability to sense what people around them are thinking and feeling. We usually use the term "empath" to describe a person who experiences a great deal of empathy, often to the point of taking on others' pain at their own expense. This episode takes another look at the difference between enslaved and empowered empaths, and what you can do about it if you are enslaved or 'at the mercy' of your gifts (i.e taking on unwanted energy). 
  • ShamanTalk podcast

    94. How to Escape All or Nothing Spirituality


    When you are trapped in all or nothing thinking, you experience your life in extreme terms: It's either perfect or a disaster. This is known as distorted thinking (or cognitive distortion) because life is a mixed bag for all of us. And it really affects our spiritual life – we think we must be perfect and manage perfectly; otherwise, we've failed. This episode will cover how to know when you are in this thinking mode, and how to get out of it. 

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