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Sense of Security

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Sense of Security is a podcast at the intersection of global health and national security. Each week, we will interview one of the top minds in the Global Health Security field and get their thoughts on the most pressing current events. This podcast is hosted by Health Security Partners' Executive Director, Dr. Jason Rao. Theme music was created by Silverman Sound Studios and is being used under the Creative Commons copyright framework.

4 Episodes

  • Sense of Security podcast

    Episode 4: Dr. Joseph Fair


    In our latest episode, our host Dr. Jason Rao, sat down with the one, the only, the cure finder, Dr. Joseph Fair. During their conversation, they discussed how his virology experience in Africa prepared him for COVID-19, why the U.S. needs to better prioritize biodefense, and the contents of a Sazerac.
  • Sense of Security podcast

    Episode 3: Dr. Prasad Kuduvalli


    This week, our host Dr. Jason Rao, sat down with HSP's Director of Scientific Programs & Engagement, Dr. Prasad Kuduvalli. During the conversation, they discussed the latest with school reopening, new COVID-19 variants, and the Biden Administration's COVID response, as well as the age-old question: Who has better mangoes, India or Pakistan?
  • Sense of Security podcast

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  • Sense of Security podcast

    Episode 2: Dr. Peter Hotez


    This week, our host Dr. Jason Rao, sat down with Dr. Peter Hotez, Author, Vaccine Expert, MSNBC Contributor, and Dean of Baylor University's National School of Tropical Medicine, to talk about COVID-19 vaccine development, science diplomacy, science disinformation on social media, and much more!
  • Sense of Security podcast

    Episode 1: Dr. Rana Jawad Asghar


    In Sense of Security's first-ever episode, our host Dr. Jason Rao, sat down with Dr. Rana Jawad Asghar, CEO of Global Health Strategies & Implementers (GHSI) and subject-matter expert with the World Health Organization (WHO), to talk about epidemiology, vaccination campaigns, and how COVID-19 has affected Pakistan's hot sauce supply.

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