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    51. What Makes Squid Game So Good?


    It's official -"Squid Game" has taken over our televisions and Instagram feeds. This week we are diving into Netflix's latest sensation to determine whether we think it's worth the hype. Plus what we are watching this week, which includes on update on one of our "must-see" Fall prospects.
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    50. Drunk Trivia Part 3


    Drunk Trivia is back in celebration of our 50th episode! Our guest host this time around is our dear friend, Christy Farrell. Grab your beverage and come play with us. Plus, a special bonus round.
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  • Screen Queens podcast

    49. The Greatest Series Finales Ever


    Wrapping up a television show comes with a lot of pressure - particularly if it's had a significant run, and is widely loved. Even still, some shows have just really gotten it right. We're talking about some of the best series finales ever made. Will you agree with our takes? Plus, we have some recommendations for what you should be watching this week.
  • Screen Queens podcast

    48. The 73rd Primetime Emmy's: A Recap


    Missed the Emmy’s Sunday? Or just want to shoot the shit with us about the ceremony? No fear - we are recapping the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards, from the highlights, low points and surprises. Plus what we are watching this week.
  • Screen Queens podcast

    47. "He's All That" vs. "She's All That"


    This week we’re giving our thoughts the new Netflix gender-swapped remake “He’s All That”, starring Addison Rae and Tanner Buchanan, and how it compares to the original 1999 version “She’s All That”. Plus some early thoughts on Dear Evan Hanson and what we’re watching this week (spoiler: we are watching the same thing and we even agree on it).
  • Screen Queens podcast

    46. "Now and Then" and "Stand By Me"


    Is it even a “coming of age” story if kids aren’t actively searching for a dead body and/or attempting to solve a murder? Oh to be twelve again. This week we’re talking about childhood favourites “Stand by Me” and “Now and Then”. Plus, what we’re watching this week.
  • Screen Queens podcast

    45. What Happened To Brendan Fraser?


    Brendan Fraser was at the height of his career in the late 90s; a Hollywood Heartthrob, action hero, comedy star...but then, seemingly out of nowhere, he was off the radar. We're talking about what happened to Brendan Fraser, and the apparent revival of his career. Plus, what we're watching this week and our thoughts on the "Spencer" teaser trailer.
  • Screen Queens podcast

    44. What You Should Watch This Fall


    We're on the brink of Fall, which means an influx of new viewing material to look forward to. We dive into a few of the most anticipated shows and movies coming to big and small screens over the next couple months.
  • Screen Queens podcast

    43. The White Lotus - Part 2


    We couldn’t do an episode on the first half of The White Lotus and not come back to talk about the finale! Despite some apparent mixed feelings about how the series wrapped up, it’s hard to dispute that Mike White’s eerie island satire was the show of the summer. We're recapping the finale, discussing some of it's most memorable moments (yes, this includes THAT scene), the central themes of the show, and who we'd pick to be trapped in the Pineapple Suite with.
  • Screen Queens podcast

    42. The Adam Sandler Formula


    What is it about Adam Sandler that we can’t quite shake? Despite a career that is widely critically panned, it’s hard to deny that the often divisive actor has staying power. In today’s episode, we’re talking about the Adam Sandler “effect”, and the formula he has adopted for his movies that has allowed him to maintain success for over 3 decades. Plus, Overrated/Underrated: Adam Sandler edition.

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