Litzenberger's Sailing Podcast podcast

Litzenberger's Sailing Podcast


A sailing podcast!! We are the Litzenbergers and we sail, in fact we've sailed for 9 years on 7 different boats. This podcast delves into everyday life when living on a sailboat and cruising. We try to talk about what it's really like out here and the challenges we face as we cruise on our aluminum Rumba41. Hope you enjoy!

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  • Litzenberger's Sailing Podcast podcast

    Float Plan - Interview with Trish Doller


    Trish's new book, Float Plan, is out now!! We talk about the book and why it is one of my favorite sailing, fiction books! She's an amazing writer, inspiring woman and sailor. Give it a listen and go read Float Plan! 
  • Litzenberger's Sailing Podcast podcast

    The Litzenberger's Bought a Sail Loft


    We have been MIA for the past 3 weeks and it's all because we bought Inner Banks Sails & Canvas, a sail loft in Oriental, North Carolina!! Yup, we are swallowing the anchor, but we'll still be putting out content and we'll be talking about all things sailing and now sail work!! We're super excited to take you guys along on this new adventure of ours!
  • Litzenberger's Sailing Podcast podcast

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  • Litzenberger's Sailing Podcast podcast

    Commissioning Your Engine: Diesel Motor 101


    This week Spencer talks about the process of getting a diesel motor started. Whether its been sitting for years or you bought it without testing it, he's got your back. He even uses fun analogies that include a flat escalator and a mormon dance. After this cast you'll be able to get your motor started....or not.
  • Litzenberger's Sailing Podcast podcast

    The Final Step in Selling Your Own Boat


    This week concludes our selling your own boat series. We talk about how to handle the money transfer and some scams you can avoid. We also finish up our delivery job and let you know what we thought about the whole gig. Be sure to use the promo code HAPPIEST when you buy a year's subscription and you'll get my issue free, as well as an electronic compilation of articles on selling your boat. 
  • Litzenberger's Sailing Podcast podcast

    How to List your Boat for Sale


    Last week we talked about getting your boat ready to sell, this week we talk about how to actually list it. Creating a free website and posting that to, craigslist and all the Facebook pages associated with that make. After that we talk about the boat we're delivering this week! Spoiler's a sweet gig!
  • Litzenberger's Sailing Podcast podcast

    Sell Your Own Boat - Price it to Sell!


    This month, in honor of Breena's article getting published in Good Old Boat, we're talking about selling your own boat. This week we dive into Pricing, taking good photos and cleaning. Be sure to check out her article which comes out this month. Good Old Boat has also been kind enough to offer our listeners a promo code. Use the code HAPPIEST and get one free issue when buying a year subscription and they'll include a free downloadable compilation of all past articles about buying and selling boats. Go check it out! 
  • Litzenberger's Sailing Podcast podcast

    Throwin' Sass - Interview with SV Prism - Part 3


    The final portion of our interview with Jon and Shannon on SV Prism. We are fully snockered and we delve into more controversial sailing topics. Jon gets sassy and Shannon gets hot about tools onboard. 
  • Litzenberger's Sailing Podcast podcast

    Jelly Bean Boats - Interview with SV Prism Part 2


    We continue our interview with Jon and Shannon on SV Prism. We talk about Jon's little brother following in his footsteps, Jon pissing off Bob Perry and the essential tools you need to carry aboard. Listen to a down to earth, honest couple that knows their shit....Prism, not us ;)
  • Litzenberger's Sailing Podcast podcast

    Interviewing Famous YouTubers, Sailing Vessel Prism - Part 1


    This week we sit down for a very long interview with Jon and Shannon on Sailing Vessel Prism, in fact this is just part 1. They're most well known for their channel on YouTube but the fame hasn't gone to their heads! They're two of the most honest, down to earth and welcoming sailors you will ever meet. We talk about rough starts to sailing, budgets, boat work and the best gifts you can give a cruiser this holiday season. 
  • Litzenberger's Sailing Podcast podcast

    Getting Back to Tarka!!


    We are finally back to Tarka and we find that we may have been a month too late in terms of weather because it is FREEZING!! We talk about our upcoming plans and our to-do list to get out of the yard.

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