Safety 3rd podcast

Safety 3rd

Aleksandar Popovski

Welcome to Safety 3rd! In a world saturated with a "safety first" mentality we present an honest discussion about risk vs benefit. Discover the unique perspectives and experiences of doctors, mortgage brokers, nurses, graphic designers, paramedics, average citizens, EMT's and more as we share from the frontlines of disaster response. Join us as we discuss our rapidly changing world and find a solid Foundation in times of crisis!

11 Episodes

  • Safety 3rd podcast

    Exercise! With Dr. Mayer


    Learn about amazing benefits of exercise with Dr. Harold Mayer. He is an associate professor in the School of Physical Education, Health and Wellness at Southern Adventist University.
  • Safety 3rd podcast

    You are What You Watch


    Learn from an ex Hollywood actor the effects of media on your thoughts, emotions, and your character.
  • Safety 3rd podcast

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  • Safety 3rd podcast

    2500 Year-old Prophecy Predicts our Time


    Unlike any other book, the Bible has an amazing ability to predict the future with astounding accuracy... 2500 years ago the monarch of the world’s most powerful kingdom by the name of Nebuchadnezzar II had a remarkable dream that reveals the rise and fall of four major world empires including our time…  To learn more about this amazing Bible prophecy, visit: correspondence Bible school: 
  • Safety 3rd podcast

    Buy the Truth and Sell it Not


    A review of today’s media and how we can safely navigate sensationalism and questionable news.
  • Safety 3rd podcast

    Intro to Aleksandar Popovski


    Aleksandar Popovski! GRC team member since 2013! Aleks has a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Communication from Southwestern Adventist University and is currently working on his Masters level studies through Rome Business School. Aleks is gifted in graphic design and has been instrumental in founding this podcast as well as an operational website for the Gideon Rescue Co. Listen as we introduce our good friend and teammate extraordinaire! 
  • Safety 3rd podcast

    Nutrition and Your Immunity!


    Dr. Diana Fleming gives us incredible information on how we can boost our immunity naturally simply by what we eat! In a world facing unprecedented challenges join us as we seek for equally powerful answers in the midst of disaster!
  • Safety 3rd podcast

    Intro to Gideon Rescue Co.


    Intro to Gideon Rescue Co...
  • Safety 3rd podcast

    Intro to Brock Mayer RN/FPC


    Intro to Brock Mayer RN/FPC...
  • Safety 3rd podcast

    In Times Like These


    In Times Like These...
  • Safety 3rd podcast

    Our Greatest Need in Disaster


    When disaster strikes, what is our most import need? Is it safety? Water? Is it food?  Listen and find out.

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