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Episode 85 - Keith Gerrard, Teacher, Coach, UNM Graduate, Former Great Britain Athlete

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This week I had the opportunity to talk with Keith Gerrard. He is a middle school teacher, volunteer coach at Rio Rancho High School, private coach, a graduate and All-American for UNM, and a former Great Britain athlete competing at the European Championships and World XC Championships.

He has had quite the career and we dig a little into that, but really we talk about his journey to where he is now. We talk about his home country, the Isle of Man and the differences in running in the European system and NCAA. We talk about his transition into road racing (not his favorite) and where he is at now with his running.

Keith has a healthy view of his running and what he accomplished. He talks about running being a part of who he is, not his whole identity. We also talk a little about teaching and what his experiences bring to his coaching.

All-in-all, I really enjoyed talking with him and I hope you enjoy the conversation as well.

That crisp air is finally coming in. The leaves haven't turned, but you can feel it around the corner. It might not be time to break out the long sleeves yet, but we're getting close. So watch the weather, fuel up, and keep running, New Mexico.

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    Episode100 - Dinée Dorame; Host of the Grounded Podcast


    This week I had the pleasure to bring back Dinée Dorame from the Grounded Pod. She last appeared one year ago on episode 48, which you can listen to here. She was recently named to Women's Running 2022 Power Women of the Year and The Kick named in their Women to Watch in 2022 newsletter. If you haven't checked out the Grounded Pod, it's something that I highly recommend. Dinée does an amazing job asking great questions and really connecting with her guests. It's natural, fun, and I'm really honored to have someone like her doing amazing work in this space out of New Mexico. We talk about that work, what it means to be receiving these accolades, and talking to some of her heroes. I also ask her about taking time off to recharge and be refreshed, which I admire about her. We also talk about what it was like being able to share her parents' stories on this platform. It was a great conversation and she shared some news that I'm excited about. I hope that you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. It's amazing that this marks episode 100 for me. I cannot express what this means. I want to thank all of my guests for going on this journey with me and for all my listeners for sticking with it. I love doing it, but it helps to know that others are enjoying it as well. All I can say is to go after your own goals, take a chance, and keep running, New Mexico.
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    Episode 99 - Marc Quiñones; Executive Chef at Más Tapas y Vino, Marathoner, Runner


    This week I had the pleasure to talk to Marc Quiñones, Executive Chef at Más Tapas y Vino, Marathoner, Runner. He is also a prolific runner competing in multiple marathons, half marathons, 5ks, and more in the short time he's taken up running. If you have never had the pleasure to meet Marc, you'll quickly notice his energy and enthusiasm. He talks about his journey in running, being on Hell's Kitchen, and the ups and downs that have come along the way. There is a lot in this episode and it was a lot of fun to really get to sit and talk with Marc. He really believes in putting in the work and that if he can accomplish his goals, anyone can. He is willing to put himself out there through all the good and bad and is happy to be real with you. It's a great way to go through life and I hope you enjoy his story. In the New Year, I hope you can take away something from Marc. Maybe it's his energy, maybe his openness, or perhaps it's just the willingness to fail. So get out there, be fearless, be safe, chase those goals, and keep running, New Mexico.  
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    Episode 98 - Ryan Bolton; Bolton Endurance, 2000 Olympian, Coach


    This week I had the pleasure to speak with Ryan Bolton of Bolton Endurance. He was a fantastic runner at Wyoming and competed at the 2000 Sydney Olympics in the Triathlon. He is the coach of Caroline Rotich, as well as other pros in the triathlon world.  We touch on some of his inspirations, including coaches and athletes, and how he got into running and triathlons. It was fun to hear him talk about his experiences and the energy with which he still talks about it. We get into a bit of his time at the 2000 Olympics, as well as this year's Tokyo Olympics, where he was there as a part of the US Olympic committee. We get into how he started coaching, building his coaching staff, and how he talks to his athletes. We touch briefly on periodization and will hopefully come back to this subject in a future episode.  What struck me with Ryan is that even though he is highly motivated, some of his life path was following what felt right at the time. His degree and path to coaching are good examples of this.  It was fun to hear some of Ryan's story and just have a great conversation about running and athletics. We touch on the 10k battle at the Sydney Olympics, Seb Coe, Bob Kennedy, super shoes, and so much more. I hope you enjoy our conversation and take us out with you on a run. It's a new year and it's easy to think about things on a grand scale; new year, new me. But change is easier when you are committed to the little things and consistency. Commit to getting out 4 days a week, or x amount of minutes. Find a group that has similar goals, whether you can meet in person or just text about it. It's things we all know, but following through can be hard. So, get out there, be consistent, be safe, and keep running, New Mexico.
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    Episode 97 - Isaiah Rodarte; Adams State University, 5th at DII Cross Country Nationals


    This week I had the pleasure to speak with Isaiah Rodarte. He is a Peñasco High School Graduate and current Adams State University runner. Recently he placed 5th at the DII Cross Country National Championships. We talk about his start in running, choosing Adams State, and much more. We touch on running in high school and the ability for him to compete against everything from A to 5A schools and being uncertain about college running as well as wanting to represent New Mexico.  We talk about his recent success and he says that he never expected how well this year turned out until he was in it. He also gives good advice on keeping up with classes while competing and practicing. He even talks a little about running the steeplechase at the Great South West his senior year of high school.  It was a fun conversation and I hope you enjoy it and have an opportunity to watch him and other New Mexican athletes during the upcoming indoor track season. With our wonderful indoor facility here in Albuquerque, we get a few weekends to really support the sport in our state. I hope everyone enjoyed a couple of days off to recharge and spend time with family. Hopefully everyone stayed safe and healthy and I am excited for everyone's winter and spring plans coming up. So, be kind, stay warm, cheer each other on, and keep running, New Mexico.
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    96- Britney Lovato; Western New Mexico University 3k, 5k, and 6k Record Holder


    This week I had the pleasure to speak with Western New Mexico's Britney Lovato. She is the women's record holder in the 3k, 5k, and 6k. During her time at WNMU she has only gotten better and stronger in her running, while learning how to balance school, fun, and collegiate sports. We talk about her introduction into running and her start in soccer. She wasn't sure running was for her, but then she was the best runner on the team. It still took a while for running to become her own. She talks about choosing Western New Mexico, the memories she has made there, and that she wouldn't have it any other way. She feels that Division II was the perfect place for her and that other athletes could benefit, if they look in that direction as well. We also talk about her sisters and their running, even a little friendly joking about who is faster. She has big goals for track, but also realizes going into her last season, that this is the time to enjoy what she has. She will be working on her student teaching to become an elementary school teacher and it was fun to hear her talk about that and knowing someone with her energy will be joining the profession. I hope you enjoy our conversation and that you follow and support her and other local college students competing for our state. We've had some up and down weather recently. I hope you are layering correctly and still getting your runs in. It can be hard to find motivation when the weather is cooler and the days are shorter. So get out there, get the work in, stay warm, and keep running, New Mexico.
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    Episode 95 - Will Walker; Sandia High School Boys Distance Track Coach, Assistant XC


    This week I had the pleasure to talk to my friend, and assistant, Will Walker. He is the Boys Distance Coach for track at Sandia High School and one of my assistant coaches for Cross Country. He is entering his 4th year as a track coach and just finished his 3rd year as an assistant cross country coach.  I am lucky to have known Will as a high school runner and now as a coach and it was fun to bring his story to the podcast. We share a little of what we talk about on a daily basis while running with the kids and coaching. I also got to learn a little about his history, including his fueling ideas for his first 5k in middle school. We touch on his intro to running, track and cross country, weight lifting, shoes, and exercise science at UNM. He talked about everything in his life coming together in this fun way and his schooling compliments his work, which compliments his coaching, and so on. He is a truly wonderful person who I am glad to have been able to bring on and talk to. I hope you enjoy Will's story as well. We didn't even touch on so many subjects, like Running with Will. This week, the temps finally dropped into early winter weather. It can (and in all probability will) get colder as we get deeper into December and into January. So layer up, stay motivated, and keep running, New Mexico.
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    Episode 94 - Gene Kersh; Runner, Cyclist, Father, and Competitor


    This week I had the pleasure to speak with Gene Kersh. He is a lifelong runner who started in middle school and has found a way to keep running in his life. During that time he has met some amazing people and done other sports to keep running fresh. We talk about his start running in Raton, NM. He talks about running DIII in college and getting into rugby. He talks about meeting former guest, Andy Murray. It was fun to hear him talk about his time with rugby and cycling.  Gene also talks about his sons getting into running and sharing his love of activity with them. He also talks about his wife, who also runs and bikes, and being on the same page. He's got some goals on the horizon and I'm excited to see how he does, but as we talk about, it's about the journey more than the results. I hope you enjoy our conversation. The weather has been nice during the day. I hope everyone is taking advantage of that. It's fantastic to see everyone's stories of runs and races. Stay safe, stay warm, enjoy the grind, and keep running, New Mexico.
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    Episode 93 - Coach Elena Schrader; Head Cross Country and Girls Track at Volcano Vista, 5A State Cross Country Champions


    This week I had the pleasure to talk with Coach Elena Schrader. She is the head cross country and girls track coach at Volcano Vista High School. This year her boys and girls teams both won the 5A State Cross Country Championship. We start off talking about her start in running, continuing through high school and college, and how she got into coaching. Some coaching will tell you they fell into coaching, but Coach Schrader really fell into it. We don't go into a lot of detail, but she talks about taking the time to educate herself in coaching, taking USATF training among other things. She talks about the last cross country and track season and when she knew she had something special with the boys. She then talks about the surprise with the girls and getting to watch both teams really grow into their own this year. It was fun to hear her talk about her excitement in both coaching and teaching. It was a lot of fun talking with Coach Schrader and getting to know her. She is someone that is easy to root for and you know her teams are having fun while competing at a high level in the state. I hope you enjoy our conversation and also have fun getting to know this amazing coach. With the holiday season upon us, it is easy to get into the rut of preparing for the holidays without taking the time to think about their meanings. Whatever the holidays mean for you, I hope you are able to find time for yourself on your runs and time for your family. Stay focused, stay warm, and keep running, New Mexico.
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    Episode 92 - Bob DeYoung; Trail Runner


    This week I had the pleasure to speak with Bob DeYoung. Through the pandemic I hear stories of people that took up running as gyms and other places to workout closed down. Bob was one of those runners and has literally run with it. In his short time finding and falling in love with trail running, Bob has completed five races. Some shorter, half marathon range, and his longest and first, was a 30k. He's learned a lot in a short period and has plans to run at least one trail run a month. It was really fun talking with Bob and hearing his excitement about his runs and training. It's great to hear that new runner eagerness. If you happen to be at the Bosque Bigfoot, find Bob and say hi for me. It's that time of the year again to gather with family and think about what you are grateful for. I know that is something I often think about while on my runs. I hope you take time to think about what this season means to you and those around you. I also hope you are healthy and ready for a wonderful Thanksgiving day run. So, be safe, stay healthy, and keep running, New Mexico.
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    Episode 91 - Phil Keller; Dukes Track Club Runner and Youth Coach


    This week I had the pleasure to talk with Phil Keller. He is a wonderful master's runner here in Albuquerque, running for the Dukes Track Club and a coach of their Youth Club. We talked about his start to running, conditioning, and coaching college and high school. It was fun talking about his own college running and his short break from running. We talk about motivating runners you coach at all levels. He talks about his own running and breaks, or lack of, and being able to go from the youth state championship to the high school state championship and the issues with that. We also had a fun conversation about music at the end. I learned a lot about Phil and I hope you enjoy our conversation. If you are interested in getting your own kid involved in the Dukes Youth Track club you can email them at [email protected] The time change has messed with my sleep, but I think I"m finally catching up. I hope you are adjusting well. It's nice to see a little light at the end of my runs in the mornings. So enjoy your runs, layer, and keep running, New Mexico.

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