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ep 25 - Gobbin Jr (and the 4/20 special) featuring Alyse Lamb and Carrie-Anne Murphy)

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Hello Ruin Nation, we're back with a BIG one.

First up Smhoak ruins a conversation with Emma Witmer who is Gobbin Jr. One of my favorite singer/songwriters, Gob's songs were my starting place for a whole genre of music. She's the most fun and the sharpest (and the most curt).

Then, to celebrate the "holiday" on which this comes out, we get to a pretty solid chunk of mixtape that may ruin the show for you, but you can always jump ahead (around 0:51:00) to a very special conversation between our very first guest on the show Alyse Lamb (Parlor Walls; HRRD TOP) and future guest Carrie-Anne Murphy (Bad Credit, No Credit; Huh; The Sundae Fantastique Show) with barely any Smhoak in it!

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