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A place-based environmental justice podcast exploring our paths to liberation through grassroots revolution storytelling. Honest dialogue and genuine listening are key starting points for radical transformative change. Take a journey with us and stay rooted.

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    Season 3 Bonus Episode- Energy as Akua and Continuum


    We finished up our season full of questions unpacking how our energy system works, who all the players are, and how to approach it in our daily fight for collective resistance and liberation from extraction and colonialism. One thing we do know, is that the energy system does impact every moment we use or communicate through our devices. And right now it is doing harm to communities hosting industrial scale energy facilities, our ʻāina, our native species, and the pocketbooks of working families struggling to make ends meet.  For all of the above, we are sharing two bonus episodes from recent panels hosted by grassroots statewide leaders and the Sierra Club of Hawaiʻi as a complement to the Hawaiʻi Energy Conference to raise up indigenous and community voices often ignored in the mainstream.  Native Hawaiian intelligence and indigenous perspectives shouldn't just to inform our transition to renewables, but lead the dialogue in this space. The ike of kupuna is not something added after the fact but should be at the inception or lead to the conception of an idea. The right foundation of knowledge can steer us back to the path that worked on our islands that worked for thousands of years before colonial contact- corporate power- and profit driven models. On the panel are: scholar, kumu, and kiaʻi Dr. Pualani Kanakaʻole Kanahele, s Tēvita Kaʻili, and Ikaika Hussey. Moderated by Todd Yamashita- President of Hoʻāhu Energy Cooperative we spoke with for episode three this season. If you haven’t watched them, we think you should. The presentations were powerful and visuals would help with many of the references made, especially by the brilliance of Dr. Kanahele on Nā Kiʻiki Akua- Godly images. But the conversations were transformative and the reverence for ʻāina was palpable. Give it a listen, friends. 
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    Energy as a pathway to Sovereignty


    Closing out this mini-season on a high note with the members and partners of the grassroots created Hoʻāhu Energy Cooperative Molokaʻi and Shake Energy Collaborative. We've been talking a lot about the many layered and interconnected forms of oppression inherent in our privatized, corporate controlled, for-profit energy system. But these Molokaʻi community leaders are flipping the script and taking control to make community-led and owned energy development and distribution a reality.  Also, we will be taking a little break this summer but please stay posted on upcoming episodes in the fall. As always, stay rooted. 
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    Kahuku Kiaʻi Part 2- "Transforming Relations to Energy"


    Welcome to part two of our conversation with Kahuku on their struggle for energy justice. In the first part of this episode, gave us the rundown on the AES Na Pua Makani wind power project. They talked about the issues with the project and the many ways, over several years, that they tried to intervene in the project. In this episode, we pick back up right to where the struggle got super kuʻe and Kahuku engaged in more than a month long blockade to stop the turbines from being constructed. In this part of the conversation, you will hear a lot of what we can think of as distributive justice- where rural, working class, BIPOC communities are disproportionately burdened by the energy system. But Kahuku isn’t just sharing what they are fighting, they are laying a vision of solutions created by the people. Because they are facing many threats to their community beyond our energy system. On top of that, they are already feeling the impacts of climate change. Their vision takes us away not only from fossil fuels but from an extractive capitalist society to one that is rooted in ʻāina and the places that we call home.  Make sure to tune in to another powerful conversation and stay rooted. Art credit: Jenica Taylor 
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    Kahuku Kiaʻi Part 1: Energy (In)Justice


    In the fall of 2019, nearly 200 Kiaʻi were arrested during a month of nightly blockades against the largest wind turbines in the nation from being built so close to homes and schools. This would have been the second set of large industrial wind turbines for their small rural community. This week have the serious privilege of speaking with three of those powerful protectors- Sunny Unga, Jessica Dos Santos, and Dr. Tēvita Kaʻili. We discussed their ten year struggle against one of the largest corporations in the world, AES and what it suggests about the complexities of a just transition away from fossil fuels.  And as our guests share, they know the urgency of a transition because as a coastal community, they are already feeling the impacts and burdens of climate change. But energy transition does not mean energy justice. Their struggle makes it clear that the transition to renewables in the hands of corporations is susceptible to replicating the same environmental racism and injustices seen in dirty energy. This conversation was so powerful, we decided to turn it into a two parter so you don't miss out on any of their brilliance.
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    Hawaiian Electric: Profit + Power


    For season 3 on Root Cause Remedies, we’re digging into Energy Justice in Hawaiʻi and asking how we can move closer towards the goal of “achieving equity in both social and economic participation in the energy system, while also remediating social, economic, and health burdens on those historically harmed by the energy system.” Energy justice, like climate justice and environmental justice, demands ending corporate control of our resources and creating a future defined by self-determination and equity. In this episode, we're tackling the Hawaiian Electric Company, because we can’t talk about energy in Hawaiʻi without talking about the monopoly that Hawaiian Electric has had over it since the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Then, we’ll dig into what this history means for our understanding of energy justice and how we can achieve it here at home. And youʻre in for a treat, because joining me this week is Lauren Ballesteros-Watanabe who is actually the person who dreamed up this podcast. Thumbnail photo credit: Hawaiian Electric. 
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    Season 3 Teaser - Hawaiian Electric and the Overthrow


    We are getting ready to launch our next season with some powerhouse energy justice advocates and community leaders from Kahuku, Molokaʻi, and Waiʻanae on their work to address the injustices of our energy system. They are the true example of resilience and solutions for a people-centered transition to a clean energy economy that benefits all of us. Take a listen to a snippet of episode one to get a sense of how deeply rooted our energy system is to the injustices of Hawaiʻi's people. 
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    Abolition isn't scary, it's essential.


    We couldn't think of a better way to kick off 2021 than with a radical conversation on genuine security without policing or militarization. Many people have a skewed or narrow understanding of what abolition is, including us. That's why we decided to end this season dedicated to the connections between Covid-Climate-and Capitalism with a conversation on abolition as the only way to end institutionalized violence on people and land.  Because we could have added another "C" to our theme for "colonialism," the underlying -ism that our institutions were built from. Shayna Lonoaea Alexander, organizer against mass incarceration and abolition advocate, talks about why abolition is essential to our conversation to end capitalism. She gives voice to the beautiful and distinct meaning it has for Hawaiʻi and how building it within is the first radical shift to reclaiming our relationship with ourselves and one another.  image credit: n/a , please let us know if you do!
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    Profits Over People


    Trump’s made a habit of bending the truth, disregarding science, and fabricating outright lies to feed his own interests and disempower an increasingly dissatisfied public. We see it every day with his handling of coronavirus, and we see it with his denial and disregard for climate change. This week is a bit of a bonus episode because we have our researcher, Carly Rizzuto, on to talk about climate change, disinformation, and corruption. She's an educator and brings us 3 clips that will help us break down the US politics surrounding climate change. Note: If you are looking for some climate podcasts, Carly's been listening to Green Dreamer, How to Save a Planet, and Drilled. Check them out! Image source:
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    Commodifying Health


    There is so much being thrown around about healthcare lately. Last we heard, Trump is on the move to get rid of the Affordable Care Act. Guess his big pharma and insurance industry friends had enough of actually providing services and coverage to people.  But even before Trump, our healthcare system has been far from adequate. Take a listen to a research warrior Ben Sadoski  and who has been taking down corporate interests for over a decade. This episode sheds some light on capitalism's role in controlling our health systems and what's been going down for Kaiser workers. 
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    Who Benefits from Reopening Tourism?


    Environmental justice principle #8-affirms the right of all workers to a safe and healthy work environment without being forced to choose between an unsafe livelihood and unemployment. UNITE HERE Local 5 union organizer, Lisa Grandinetti shares the worker's perspective of how the government  and corporations have been responding to the pandemic and the reopening of Hawaiʻi's biggest industry. Spoiler alert- workers are not being listened to or properly cared for by either. 

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